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Lithium battery energy storage technology and future direction analysis

by:Vglory      2021-05-05
Lithium battery energy storage technology and future directions 1. Application prospects are due to the actual needs of my country's power system. The new generation of smart grid technology is developing rapidly. In 2007, the State Grid Corporation of China proposed a framework for research on key technologies for energy conversion and energy storage. It promotes the rapid development of power storage systems. At present, both the government and the public are paying attention to the technology and market in this area. The power grid has begun to develop kilowatt and megawatt energy storage systems for distributed energy storage systems and smart grids. Lithium battery energy storage system is related to other battery energy storage systems. It has high energy density and wide environmental temperature adaptation, high charging and discharging efficiency, fast response speed, and DC bus power supply system. It is very big in distributed energy storage system. The advantages of the current small-scale pilot projects have used the lithium battery energy storage system, such as the application of the electric micro intelligent network to the 230kWh lithium battery energy storage system of a research institute in Yunnan, etc. With the rapid development of lithium batteries, their safety and cycle times will be further improved, and the price will be further reduced. Therefore, lithium battery energy storage systems will play an increasingly important role in microgrid systems such as distributed energy storage systems and wind power systems. 2. Market forecast Large-scale energy storage systems are an important part of future new energy systems and smart grids, and energy storage batteries are the key to large-scale energy storage systems. Lithium batteries have the advantages of high energy density, good charge and discharge efficiency, low self-discharge rate, stable output, and environmental protection, and have become the mainstream solution for energy storage batteries. In 2011, the global lithium battery market was 1,6693 billion yen, an increase of 108.2% from 2010. The trend of the lithium battery industry shifting to my country is becoming more and more obvious. Most lithium battery factories list power lithium-ion batteries/energy storage batteries as the direction of transformation. According to statistics, by 2015, the processing capacity of lithium batteries will exceed 5 billion Ah, and the market size is about 15 billion U.S. dollars. The development of new energy sources such as wind energy and solar energy has brought market opportunities for battery energy storage. Guodian Electric Power Development Co., Ltd. has established a special organization to study how to achieve a smooth interpersonal network for wind power. The result is that the energy storage capacity matches 20%-30% of the wind power installed capacity. Based on the cumulative installed capacity of 4.182.7 billion W at the end of 2010, the wind power industry alone has a potential market of 8365.4-12548.1 mw in my country's energy storage industry. 3. Challenges faced by lithium battery energy storage systems National Grid predicts that the performance and price of new generation energy storage batteries will reach a cycle life of more than 5,000 times, the price will be less than 1,500 yuan/kWh, and the efficiency will exceed 80%. Therefore, performance, price and efficiency have become important challenges for the application of lithium batteries in energy storage systems. Secondly, in the entire energy storage battery system, lithium batteries are also facing the competitive pressure of sodium-sulfur batteries and flow batteries. Disclaimer: Some pictures and content of articles published on this site are from the Internet. If there is any infringement, please contact to delete. Previous: Analysis of the cost-effectiveness of several commonly used lithium batteries
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