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Lithium battery diaphragm industry needs to constantly enhance the level of technology

by:Vglory      2020-10-28
Recently, led by the Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Finance established the new energy vehicles child fund, major investment in the national science and technology achievement transformation project quality projects related to new energy automotive industry chain upstream and downstream. , no doubt, new energy vehicles after funding support, as industry chain upstream of the lithium battery industry will also benefit of depth, associated with lithium battery diaphragm industry but also receive a bonus. Although the cost of the diaphragm is only 20% ~ 30% of the cost of the battery, but its performance directly affects the safety of the battery, functional characteristics, cycle life and reliability. Has good electrical insulation, ion conductivity, chemical and electrochemical stability, such as thickness, physical and mechanical properties of technical indicators of the diaphragm is the important guarantee of lithium ion battery safety. Because of this, the diaphragm industry breakthroughs in key technologies and development is particularly valued. Relevant data show that benefit from the downstream of new energy car batteries, lithium battery diaphragm world industry in 2014, the overall yield of 11. 8. 5 billion square meters, the output value reached 20. Compared with 41 $7. 5 billion, respectively. 58% and 12. 18%. As for the Chinese market, in 2014 the national produced 5 diaphragm. 7. 5 billion square meters, occupy about 48% of global output, output value up to 20. 500 million yuan. When the state vigorously promote the development of new energy automotive industry, power lithium battery of explosive demand will be extended to the upper diaphragm material industry, and is expected to ease the plight of excess material link. At present, the diaphragm market excess production capacity, the total capacity of up to 2015 is expected to 2. 3 billion square meters, more than global demand for battery diaphragm. But the high-end imports 90% membrane, diaphragm import rate more than 70% overall. China's electronic information industry development institute ccid consulting research director at making Suggestions, diaphragm industry should grasp the favorable opportunity, of the rapid development of industry constantly enhance the level of membrane technology, to meet the high performance power battery and the demand of large capacity storage battery.
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