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Lithium battery capacity to the matching of the generator

by:Vglory      2020-08-31
Lithium battery capacity sizes and generator power are different, how to choose suitable for lithium batteries to match, need to refer to the following: selected according to engine types and conditions of use reasonable charge capacity lithium battery, is improve the economic benefit of lithium batteries, one of the important ways to prolong its service life. Starter when you start the engine, the lithium battery output current is very big, in the general case for a - 150 200 a, in the low temperature ( - 10℃) When starting the current output up to 250 - a 300A。 If the lithium battery charge capacity and engine don't match, the small lithium battery charge capacity, is in the starting resistance is big, the small charge capacity lithium battery in the case of violent discharge, is bound to accelerate active material per unit time and the reaction of sulfuric acid, the li-ion battery temperature rise, plate bending due to overload, resulting in active substances in clumps, plate early damage, so that the lithium battery life is greatly reduced. If the lithium battery charge capacity is big, although not happen this problem, but it can't make full use of the active substance, make the lithium battery economy. So the charge capacity of lithium-ion batteries, be sure to match the engine. Usually the choice of lithium battery charge capacity, should according to the starter motor power, voltage and the load of the electrical equipment. At present the brand is more, market capacity whether hundred, general advice to choose some brand larger lithium-ion batteries, such as: windsurfing lithium batteries, lithium batteries, lithium batteries camel etc. These first-line brand.
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