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Lithium battery and maintenance-free

by:Vglory      2020-08-30
Maintenance-free battery is made of lead calcium alloy, due to the lithium battery USES lead calcium alloy for grid frame, less so when the charging water decomposition, moisture evaporation is also low, coupled with the outer seal structure, the release of acid gas is very few, so it is compared with the traditional lithium-ion batteries, do not need to add any liquid, less corrosion of wiring pile head, electrical, and body, overcharge resistance is strong, large starting current, power advantages of long storage time, is very popular in domestic in recent years. Special application to forklift truck, forklift lithium battery structure is strict, for general motors start metal battery, not applicable, plate for tubular, lithium battery for a long time need not, it will slowly discharge itself, until the scrap. At regular intervals, therefore, you should discharge time, or to the lithium battery. Another way is to the two electrodes on the lithium battery pulled down and unplug from the electrode column that should pay attention to both positive and negative electrode thread, to remove the negative line first, or remove negative and chassis connections. And then pull with the positive logo ( +) The other end of the lithium battery service life to a certain extent, to a certain period has to be replaced. When replacement should follow the same order, but in the up electrode wire, order, by contrast, take the positive first, and then connect the cathode. At present domestic the most applied in automobile, lithium battery forklift brand has, and sail, camel, unified, evergreen, rev. , GS, such as a well-known brand.
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