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Linde forklift lithium battery service life

by:Vglory      2020-09-12
How long will the linde forklift service life of the lithium battery? Believe linde users should pay close attention to, after all, a set of linde forklift battery price is not cheap, original battery the price is in 10000 yuan to 40000 yuan, the price of the batteries of different type vary widely, many factors determine its service life, such as charge, discharge, motor, is not required to use, can be directly resulting in a decline in the capacity of the lithium batteries or discarded directly, linde form a complete set of lithium battery is basic for soft connection, the connection way to facilitate people's own repair replacement monomer, in no more than 2 years of battery, testable monomers, such as specific gravity, monomer voltage to judge whether there is equilibrium, selecting a low parameter of monomer, direct purchase replacement. This convenient method, make linde users more faithful to its constant quality. Lead-acid battery technology is mature at present, although has the application in different fields, but enough capacity and focus on the user experience of the few manufacturers that linde forklift ing in this aspect, considering the user requirements of different occasions, design more flexible forklift, in terms of power, of course, the cell (it has a very strict, and high standards of the program, for linde forklift battery brand choice, basic life to reach more than 3 years, circulation must be more than 1500 times, and must have a certain brand effect in the market, consumers don't have to worry about this.
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