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Linde forklift lithium battery maintenance 'four keys'

by:Vglory      2020-09-09
Linde forklift lithium batteries are mainly composed of water battery, preventive maintenance and determine its use lifespan, charger and motor current and the weight will affect the performance of lithium-ion batteries and life, our company is engaged in linde forklift battery for many years in shenzhen, know the importance of maintenance, to say the late maintenance personnel are the guardians of the battery, here are four tips on daily maintenance can simply look at: 1, before cut off the connection of lithium battery and charger, first check the records of display and charger charger, if the panel of chargers have error message shown on the general lithium battery charging not over, in the event of a failure when the charger has been interrupted process, then need to contact linde after-sales service personnel. Check the charging status is normal, the record of charger charging time, output capacity and charging after the average voltage at the end of the monomer, and then disconnect lithium batteries and chargers. 2, clean up the dust on the surface of the lithium battery, lest form in the surface of the lithium battery discharge circuit, shorten the discharge time of lithium-ion batteries. But please note that don't flush, just wipe with a clean cloth. 3, check the connection between monomer of lithium-ion batteries and lithium battery output power line connection, ensure the connection of lithium-ion batteries is good, to ensure smooth output current. 4, in the lithium battery forklift electrical outlet and plug connection before, first check the battery electrolyte of each monomer liquid level, whether within the scope of the standard, if the liquid level of the electrolyte low need to add distilled water to the scope of the standard ( General requirements of the electrolyte level over plate 10-15 mm. Conditional can use lithium battery, automatic water system in place to ensure that each add water at the right level) 。 After charging the lithium battery is connected to the forklift power socket. Note: the lithium battery level too high or charge before adding distilled water will cause the overflow of electrolyte, electrolyte of lithium battery level is too low will damage the lithium battery electrode plates. Distilled water: the choice of battery when adding distilled water should pay attention to the distilled water is reliable in quality, usually tap water, mineral water and generally contain impurities and metal elements in drinking water, precipitation and cause a short-circuit impact battery life. Usually in the industry cannot be obtained with distilled water, under the condition of high quality (optional Such as walter filled with distilled water) Family distilled water. More linde forklift battery please login
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