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Linde E25 series forklift lithium battery replacement and maintenance

by:Vglory      2020-09-11
Linde forklift E25S, lithium-ion battery pack is configured to original HOPPECKE, Hawker, deep cycle range, high discharge current is stable, the price is relatively high-end HOPPECKE lithium-ion batteries, hereinafter referred to as 'hebeike' in Chinese, the forklift power supply box is red, or dark gray iron, linde E25S, generally is 80 v voltage, have strong ability to loading and unloading, the German technology, form a complete set of linde forklift trucks for many years, market more mature technology, range of more than 1500 times. Hawker for linde for products in recent years, the domestic title 'hawk' cost-effective, the product performance is deep linde engineers due, in most of China's logistics forklift, alone, 5 pzs575 E25S battery capacity is 575 ah, the discharge current - 100 Between the 120 a. Shenzhen power supply co. , LTD. , main various kinds of imported forklift lithium battery, can provide more convenient solution for linde users.
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