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Lead acid lithium battery service life

by:Vglory      2020-08-30
Under prescribed conditions, a battery of useful life period known as the service life of the battery. Lithium battery, internal short circuit or damaged and cannot be used. When required, and capacity of less than the rated lithium battery failure, then end the life of the battery. Camels lithium battery service life including the use of the term and the use cycle. Using term refers to the lithium battery available time, including lithium battery storage time. Life cycle refers to the lithium battery for the number of repeated use. Full charge full discharge cycles of not less than 900 times; Floating, when using general service life of 15 years to 20 years. Different battery series, or the same series but different purposes, the service life is not the same. Lithium batteries every undergo a full charge and full discharge is called a cycle or a cycle. Lithium battery life span of the effective period of circulation or use life. If the appraisal in circulation way, at present commonly used camels in the lithium battery, lithium battery life shortest zinc silver. Usually only 30 ~ 500 times; Lead-acid is 300 ~ 500 times; Alkaline nickel cadmium, the longest for 500 ~ 1000 cycles. Lithium battery life end there are two main reasons. 1. Battery capacity gradually decreases. Cause the capacity loss factors are: activity change, crystalline substances shrinkage of surface area, active substances, fall off, skeleton or substrate corrosion, etc. 2. Internal short circuit. Perforation, due to the degradation of diaphragm material aging, expansion of active material to make the connection between, or charge generated during the process of internal short circuit by dendrite membrane, etc. Camel the use and maintenance of the lithium battery, for two main cause of lithium battery life terminated has enormous influence on the occurrence and development. So the correct use and maintenance is very important. The above documents provided by the camel lithium batteries!
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