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Lead-acid battery plate core technology in our country

by:Vglory      2020-09-17
Lead-acid batteries are widely used cars, solar power, shipbuilding, aviation, generators, electric vehicles and other fields, is closely related to our lives, the manufacturing formula, each brand is different, lead-acid battery technology confidentiality agreement remain at a very early age, often the topic of the battery to compare note, in the field of battery technology is not partition technology in the development, the main energy storage battery components - Plate is also in constant development, especially the energy storage capacity is relatively strong positive plate, but also be seen as a process to improve the main object. Plate as the core component of battery, not only determines the capacity of the battery size, also about the whole lifespan of the battery. Current market sales of battery plate mainly from the manufacturing process can be divided into casting plate, net plate and three times FuRui plate ( Times FuRui PowerFrame? Plate current patent technology of varta batteries) , these three plates on the main difference is that a manufacturing method, and this difference also led to the battery's ultimate life is different. The leap development in China, the international market battery enterprises is becoming more and more technology becomes transparent, many domestic battery manufacturers, absorption technology more mature companies such as Japan, Europe and the United States, the introduction of advanced production technology, in order to make our lead-acid battery technology is more mature. The article from the
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