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How to repair and maintain lead-acid batteries?

by:Vglory      2021-05-10
Is it necessary to charge the battery before using the newly purchased electric vehicle battery? want. Since the battery is self-discharged from the factory to the loading of the car, and the battery is placed on the car for sale, there is a phenomenon of self-discharge, which causes the battery voltage to drop and the battery capacity is insufficient. Therefore, it is necessary to use the charger that comes with the car regularly (about a month) Charge the battery until it is sufficient. Therefore, charge the battery before using the newly purchased electric vehicle. █How to store the battery when it is not used for a long time? The battery cannot be left unused for a long time. If the battery is to be stored, the battery must be fully charged before storage, and the battery must be recharged once a month. Once the battery is not used for a long time, it will not be charged. Due to its self-discharge characteristics, the battery will gradually vulcanize, causing the battery capacity to decrease or even scrap. █How to charge the battery during daily use? The charging time of the battery should be determined according to the mileage of the electric vehicle every day. The longer the mileage, the longer the charging time; otherwise, the shorter. In summer, the charging time should be shortened accordingly. Generally, it is sufficient to continue charging for 1 to 2 hours after the charger turns green, and it is not allowed to charge for a long time. █Is it possible to continue riding the electric bike if the battery is insufficient? Can't. The battery should be charged immediately when the battery power is insufficient. Under normal circumstances, the battery has the undervoltage protection of the controller, but after the battery is left for a while, its voltage will rise. You can ride for a short time at this time, but if the riding time is too long, it is correct The battery is the most damaged, which will cause the battery to over-discharge, which will seriously affect the battery's service life. █What are the hazards of overcharging the battery? At the end of battery charging, part of the water inside the battery will be analyzed as gas. The higher the charging voltage, the more water will be analyzed. If the battery is overcharged due to the charger factor or other reasons, the battery water will be analyzed too much during each charging process, and a large amount of gas will appear. After multiple cycles, the electrolyte will prematurely dry up, and eventually the battery will be deformed due to lack of water. , And even make the battery scrap. █What should I pay attention to when using electric vehicle batteries in summer? 1. Beware of exposure to the hot sun and charge it. 2. It is strictly forbidden to charge in a high temperature environment. 3. Beware of high temperature and charge immediately after riding. 4. Beware that the charging time is too long, generally about 8h. 5. When charging the battery, if the battery box is hot or the charger does not turn green for a long time (over 8h), you should go to the battery shop or electric vehicle repair shop in time Test and maintain the battery or charger to avoid unnecessary safety hazards. Disclaimer: Some pictures and content of articles published on this site are from the Internet. If there is any infringement, please contact to delete. Previous: Analysis of 18650 lithium battery pack types
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