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How to fix the state electric car battery excessive loss of electricity?

by:Vglory      2020-09-20
When using electric vehicle battery, and many times to avoid excessive discharge, sometimes the goods more, under the condition of the electric motor car after loading the goods, the red light extraordinary, electric car charger can't identify the voltage, low voltage of the charger not induction, when the electric vehicle battery in the over discharge state, its positive and negative plates generated on the lead sulfate is more, more also participate in dissolved, the electrolyte is easy to reach saturation state. When the temperature slightly lower, the lead sulfate will by electrolyte supersaturated precipitation, and recrystallization cause sulfide. At the same time, due to the over discharge state is usually generated due to the large current discharge, and in the process of large current discharge, the active material of battery positive and negative plates will react with sulfuric acid between rapid, and easy to generate coarse grain of lead sulfate. That can be used for minor vulcanization of electric vehicle battery repair large current method. This method is in high current density ( 100mAem) Under charge, under the condition of high current density, negative plate produced by negative potential value is larger, and far away from the point of zero charge, so as to change the symbol on the surface of the electrode, makes an P P ( 10) < 0, plate surface activity of harmful substances will fall off. At the same time, due to the high current density under the condition of charging, the battery polarization and ohms voltage drop will increase, this part will reduce the ability to convert heat energy, make the battery internal temperature, produce a large amount of gas, which is attached to the plate for coarse grain lead sulfate has certain flushing action. The characteristics of large current method is convenient and quick, can in a short period of time to restore the performance of the battery, but as a result of this method makes the active material severely damaged, battery capacity is running after a period of time will fall again.
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