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How to detect the consumption of 18650 lithium ion battery pack?

by:Vglory      2021-05-04
1. Battery consumption indication: the battery voltage is not going up and the capacity is low. Measure directly with a voltmeter. If the voltage at both ends of the 18650 battery is lower than 2.7V, there may be no voltage. It implies that the battery may be damaged in the battery pack. The normal voltage is 3.0V~4.2V (generally, the voltage of the 3.0V battery will be cut off, the voltage of the 4.2V battery will be fully charged, and the individual will also have 4.35V). 2. If the battery voltage is lower than 2.7V, you can use the charger (4.2V) to charge the battery. After ten minutes, if the battery voltage rises, you can continue to charge until the charger prompts full, and then look at the full voltage. If the full battery voltage is 4.2V, the battery is normal, it should be because the last time it was used to consume too much power, the battery has expired. If the full-charge voltage is much lower than 4.2V, it implies that the battery is damaged. If it is a battery that has been used for a long time, it can be judged that the battery life is reached and the capacity is completely exhausted. Should be changed. There is no step to repair at all. After all, lithium-ion batteries have a life span, not infinite. 3. If you measure 18650 lithium ion battery pack, the battery has no voltage, there are two environments at this time, one is that the battery is originally good, and it is caused by long-term loss of electricity. This kind of battery has a certain chance to recover. Generally, lithium ion batteries are used. Pulse activation meter (lithium ion battery charge and discharge meter) to charge the battery multiple times in a short period of time, it may be repaired. Generally, the repair cost is not low, just buy a new one. Another possibility is that the battery is completely consumed, the battery barrier is broken down, and the positive and negative electrodes are short-circuited. There is no step to fix this kind of thing, only new ones can be purchased. 4. Check the battery capacity, configure a multimeter to measure the amount of current passed per hour, and arrange two metal rods on the positive and negative metal ends of the battery. 5. Check the display of the multimeter. A fully charged 18650 lithium-ion battery pack battery whose milliampere hour mAh is consistent with the label indicates that the battery is in excellent use. Measure the voltage change in the process of use. When the discharge voltage drops, if the reading is 5% higher than the capacity on the label, please charge your battery until it is full, and perform the battery test again. If the actual reading is If the capacity is still lower than the label affixed, please change the battery in real time, because the battery can no longer supply power normally. Appearance inspection Appearance whether there is damage, rust, etc. Voltage judgment Use a multimeter to test the battery voltage, the normal voltage is about 3.7v, if the voltage is less than 2.7v, the probability of more than 90% is a bad battery capacity test. You can see the actual charging capacity of the battery. Generally, the capacity of the 18650 is between 2200-2800mAh. If the displayed capacity is low, it means that the battery has an environmental statement that the capacity has decreased: Article published on this site Some pictures and content are from the Internet. If there is any infringement, please contact to delete
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