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How to correct buy lithium battery forklift?

by:Vglory      2020-09-13
Lithium battery forklift main floor battery forklift replacement for the enterprise to use, for so many brands at home and abroad, how to correctly choose a set of suitable for their own use of the battery pack? Small make up under the simple said: first of all need according to his working frequency, the fork deadweight, vehicles iron box size, rated battery weight to give positioning, such as a set of hangzhou forklift battery, hangzhou fork in the most of the original on the market for fast, GS, torch, such as brand, first of all, we can consider vehicle original brand batteries, or to be decided according to their own use fixed number of year, general iron box size is fixed, but most of the time, the iron box gap still exists a lot of space, can increase the capacity to 20% range, if the fork is big, bulky goods need to consume a larger current, already cannot satisfy the use the required standard. Lithium battery forklift output current decided to its use of time, the current domestic battery cycle life - in 800 1000 times, import or foreign brand can reach more than 1500 times, but the price of forklift battery than doubled, conventional businesses are not. We recommend the use of soft connection, convenient replacement and maintenance of himself in the later monomer, clients for overseas delivery, does not have welding technology, best buy soft connection.
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