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How to charge in order to extend battery life?

by:Vglory      2020-08-28
Constant voltage charging current limiting; Charge the final phase constant pressure value increase and current limit on the lower end ( Fill 1 - 2h) 。 Bring the battery long life cycle of charging method should be a constant pressure charging current limiting ( IU) Or is the last stage of the constant pressure value increase (charging Fill 1 - 2h) Current limit at the lower end, the charging method referred to as 'IUI charging method. This charging method usually life cycle up to 250 a 350 times, because there is no fatal board gate corrosion or 'dry' batteries not failure. If continue to use is not suitable for the charging method, the cathode will owe charging, the sulfuric acid salinization can seriously. For a new battery or high saturation of electrolyte battery, IU charging and charging IUI is possible, with the rich fluid type batteries, are anode polarization. When the gas channel drilled, oxygen to the cathode, the battery has been filled. Although the charging coefficient is still very low ( 1. 05? 1. 10) , for the most part of charging flow into the analysis of the normal activity of hydrogen oxygen and board gate corrosion process, is also a process of lower electrolyte saturation in the diaphragm. Saturation once reduced, oxygen transport unobstructed. Charging flow oxygen reduction, still can realize full charge, especially application of IUI charging method, but the charging termination voltage is low, the charging coefficient is higher. Because in front of the cathode reach full charge, restricted by charging coefficient, current in oxygen cycle, at some point charge is terminated, battery capacity is decreased obviously. This process in the loop, then further capacity attenuation, the charging method failed to improve the battery performance, is considered to be charging method error. Can provide cooling time.
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