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How to avoid the 'thermal runaway of lithium battery forklift'

by:Vglory      2020-09-14
In the summer, battery forklift working temperature is relatively high, due to the use of harsh environment, the forklift battery energy storage contact failure, a large number of overheating outdoor effect cause the electrolyte inside volatilization, lithium battery in 25 ℃ ~ 35 ℃ can be obtained under the environment of long life, if long running temperature 10 ℃, the service life by about half, normal charging charging current is too large, is also contributing to the lithium battery temperature is too high, according to operation instruction, lithium-ion batteries for the operation of floating charge lithium battery, after a period of time to check the sex to a charge and discharge, in order to ensure the normal operation of lithium batteries, large current discharge after every time, should be immediately available for lithium battery recharged, shenzhen company specializes in all kinds of electric lift trucks in the lithium battery joint venture, the deep know the principle of 'thermal runaway' once the moisture loss, can turn on the relief valve in pure water; Can be directly observed height and lithium battery electrolyte usage, easy to find the battery early failure, facilitate timely repair or replacement, will not affect the whole battery life; And requirements of charging voltage and temperature range wide, resistant to over charge and discharge, can avoid to cause the lithium battery 'thermal runaway. Didn't exist yet better avoid method, only to find when the temperature is too high or current overload, need to stop work to cool or reduce the weight of goods, avoid excessive large current output, caused by forklift battery, the product of the heat out of control.
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