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How to activate the battery died of starvation?

by:Vglory      2020-09-22
How to activate the battery died of starvation? Starve to death the first first to make sure that the battery is what type of battery. Battery electric vehicle battery starved to death at present mainly lead-acid battery and lithium ion battery, take a look at the two storage battery starved to death after activation methods have? A, lithium ion battery starve activation method: 1, the method of overvoltage. Try 2 or 3 times in voltage, can be reactivated. Overpressure refers to: general 3 batteries. 7 - 4. 7 v, you can use 6 v, not can use the 9 v. Any of the available batteries, electric wire, it is best to use the multimeter to monitor. If there is no maintenance experience, can be free. Put the battery in series, wire is for positive and negative to the negative of the battery. 2, freezing method without electricity, with a paper bag, and wrapped in plastic bags. In the refrigerator for a week, take out put 2 days. Connected to equipment, can produce the current charging right away, so far. 3, wiping method for starvation battery problem is not very serious, use clean eraser gently wipe the battery contact with the equipment of the metal contact surface, use for a long time after the battery has a certain degree of oxidation of metal surface, lead to bad contact, shorter battery life, and use the eraser to wipe the surface oxide layer, let the battery contact with the equipment. Second, lead-acid battery starve lead-acid battery activation method in the process of charging and discharging, material in the battery will be carried out in chemical reaction, such as long time without charging, can lead to a material cannot be activated, could not respond when charging, shorten the service life of batteries. Battery not charging for a long time, the generated lead sulfate may be through the battery diaphragm, cause short circuit, cause the damage of the battery. Is the battery plate occurs irreversible sulfate, is common battery failure. 1, in parallel on a set of good battery, charger. Its operation is the battery quantity according to your own, find a good battery, the same plug in charger for 20 minutes, observe whether the battery is hot, if hot unplug chargers stop 1 hour and 20 minutes of recharging, this loop 3 times can be filled with normal again. It is important to note, however, may not be more than 4 hours of charging, and then points 2 times filling, so that it can be normal use. 2, first check whether the battery is lack of water, if water scarcity in distilled water, with 1/10 of the charging current, charging rating until full, with one over ten of the rated capacity discharge, then until it finished, so after three or four times during the cycle, can repair. 3, with high power charger to charge, with large current charge, thermal battery don't charge, after the temperature drops to continue filling, repeated several times for adhere to 2 to 3 days, a certain probability can be activated. However, these are only suitable for relatively new battery, if it was the old battery, reimbursement, generally after all battery electric, life will be shortened 80% directly.
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