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How power lithium batteries in order to China's new energy vehicles dream?

by:Vglory      2020-10-28
Affected by fog weather in recent years, new energy vehicles heat to grow. Is the new energy vehicles as a strategic emerging industry in China, and launched a series of supporting policies. New energy vehicles development has been blocked in China, however, one of the most critical factor is the dynamic range of the battery, the problem such as safety, cycle life. At present domestic pure electric cars are in difficulties, does not have the desired effect, the surface is not hampered due to three aspects: the battery safety stable enough, the market price is quite high, as a necessary infrastructure of charging pile. But if through the appearance to look at, the key problem is power battery. The key technology of power battery is not solve, pure electric cars, large-scale promotion is like a castle in the air. Visible, who can break through the key technology bottleneck, who will have the opportunity to grab the commanding heights of the market. At present there are more than 20 domestic electric car battery manufacturer, but since there is no solution to the battery group key technologies, many companies are in severe losses, hard to survive. To this, a vein of new energy technology (east Hangzhou) Co. , LTD. ( Hereinafter referred to as the 'Oriental a vein) Invest 100 million yuan in a variety of research and development before and after the test, hiring and investment of equipment, the blade is committed to become a power battery technology bottleneck breakthrough, and through technological innovation, out of the cycle. Cracking power battery research and development of 'consistency' problem long make Oriental pulse company after who have thin hair. Their 'active balancing technology' cracked the pure electric vehicles 'consistency' of refractory lithium-ion batteries. In the past, the electric car use lead-acid batteries, it has the advantage of a long application history, technology is relatively mature. Congenital deficiency but also existing lead-acid battery at the same time, that is, less green than the low energy and electrical energy. To solve these problems, lithium ion power battery is popular as an alternative. Lithium battery in the part of the solution, however, at the same time also brought new problems: because lithium is active, is more than energy and electrical energy conversion efficiency, but because of unstable produces power battery system in series with the battery inconsistency problem, difficult to control. At the same time, the inconsistency of lithium-ion batteries have become hard to ensure the safety and the causes of defects such as short service life. In fact, the single battery into the battery pack, string, the more inconsistency magnification, the more the more security issues. The strings of the battery pack has a 'short board effect', the smallest battery capacity determines the other battery discharge, short board effect and will produce polarization, short battery in limit state, failure speed, create a vicious cycle. , Oriental a choice out of inherent technical framework of arteries and veins, automatic development of active balancing technology, let each battery active error correction, take the initiative to correct error, to overcome the inconsistencies. Is expected to reduce vehicle use cost according to the requirements of the ministry, car power battery actual usable capacity not less than 80% of the total capacity, under this standard will be eliminated. Such as the original battery can run 200 kilometers, so can't be used to 160 kilometers, but now there are some batteries also dropped to 100 kilometers running, because cannot solve the key problem. With reference to the above standards, some of the service life of the battery on the market only a year or so. And the east developed by a pulse batteries can use up to eight years! It is understood that the east the core of a pulse battery products, through the north automobile quality supervision, inspection and testing, the battery of group run ( Single section batteries 100 ampere hour) , through its active balancing system, circulation charge after 1500 times, capacity increase instead, before 102. 75%. Although increased core technology innovation, but does not mean that the overall costs rise. Although the battery cost increase, but the cost of the vehicle is falling, because after the active balancing technology, there is no need for BMS management system. But with the expansion of the market, the unit cost will be more and more low. At the same time, in order to improve the security of the power battery operation, the east a pulse also did the key to targeted improvement. In its riveting laminated technology on batteries and battery shell as a body, regardless of the impact, dian 箥 is very safe and reliable. Is different from other existing batteries on the market, in a bumpy road environment will beat, leakage due to the expansion of the batteries, and cause a short circuit and cause potential safety hazard, the east a pulse batteries by disruptive technology innovation, has solved the power battery pole piece of the displacement and deformation, consistency, and other technical bottlenecks, greatly improving the safety and reliability of the battery. East a vein had breakthrough to independent research and development success for their products process requirement of automatic power battery production
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