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Having a solar generator could be a perfect answer

by:Vglory      2020-06-15
Solar power generator generates electricity from sunlight. The solar energy is converted directly into electricity that is necessary for powering different appliances in your household. With solar generator, there are no hazardous fumes or unpleasant noise produced. How Solar Generator Works A solar powered system is generally designed for the generation of electricity for homes. The system is composed of solar panels or photo voltaic modules that absorbs sunlight then directly converts it into electricity. The solar panels are connected to a continuous or deep cycle battery which stores the energy in a direct current form. An inverter is also needed to convert the direct current into alternating current. The amount of electricity being produced is indicated in the voltmeter of the solar generator. The unit can also be used for powering different appliances, from lights to television to refrigerator, depending on the efficiency and size of the photo voltaic module. The Need for Solar Power Generator When a disaster occurs, it will usually take several hours or days to restore the power in your home and area. During the absence of power, food could spoil, the communication is often disrupted and living can become more difficult as night falls. It is also important that medical devices should be operated immediately. When there is a back up solar powered generator, you could keep lights on, appliances running and cell phone charged. Waiting for the utility workers or the government to restore your power following a disaster can be really irritating; however, these cases are expected since they are most likely attending other important cases like rescuing. If you have solar generator, you can immediately restore the power in your home and get back to your usual living. Solar generator can be easily installed and run within minutes. Portable Solar Powered Generators The portable solar power generator is very ideal to have during and after a disaster particularly when you need to evacuate and a source of power is not available in that area. A portable unit comes in varied sizes, from the one that can fit a suitcase to the one that is almost the size of your trailer. The dimension will depend on how much you can afford or the amount of backup power you need. Most homes only need a solar generator for temporary backup electricity source since power outages are often temporary. When you are living in area that is always devastated by strong storms, a larger solar backup generator is very ideal. Advantages of Solar Power System Continuous Power - solar generator can generate uninterrupted electricity and stores it for rainy days and during power outages. It reduces the dependency on traditionally power grid. Off The Grid - solar generator will help you live off the grid. You can power your place whether it is a farmhouse, campsite, tent or RV, and run the important electrical devices in your home. This is a very ideal choice for people who love outdoor activities like camping, backpacking and trekking and for those who entirely want their living to be off the grid. Portable - the unit can be carried anywhere every time you need a power source. Unlike the conventional generator using fossil fuel, solar generator does not create too much noise or produce exhaust. Cost Effective - solar generator gets its power from sunlight which is completely free and always abundant. It can cut the cost on your electricity bill, thus saving you money. Low-Maintenance - the unit requires very minimal care. There is almost no maintenance requirement aside from cleaning the solar panels regularly and refilling the batteries with distilled water. Eco-Friendly - energy from the sun is green, clean and renewable. It does not emit any harmful particles like fossil fuel does; therefore it does not have an effect in the environment.
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