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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to

by:Vglory      2020-06-20
You always hear that oil is getting harder to find, why not use alternative resources, especially once it is set up, you will be getting FREE power, what can be better than that. The energy from the sun is renewable, a constant use of energy that will never disappear. Some other renewable resources are wind power, hydroelectric power and the most important is the solar power. The solar power is the quickest way to get energy; the wind power requires so much wind the hydroelectric power also requires so much water. The solar power is renewable, the quickest and fastest source of energy. Some Solar Kits could include Solar Panels already built, Solar Inverters and Solar Battery Chargers, which could cost hundreds of dollars. The Green Do It Yourself Energy will save you hundreds of dollars making your panels and mounting them your self.The Solar Energy System Flow Chart explains how the energy from the sun is generated to your house. From the sun to the solar panel, to the charge controller, to the batteries, to the inverters then from they're to the DC and AC leads. This process is detailed a little further with graphics and easy to read charts. This guide also shows the calculating power which measures individual cells, multiply the number of cells by volts and multiply panel volts by amps (Amps x Volts = Power in Watts). As you make your progress along each step of the guide, you will see how easy the instructions are to follow. Some of the tools you may need to get yourself started are wire, wood glue, electrical tape, blocking diodes, silicon, paint, cauder and the caudering iron. These materials you might have already just laying around in your garage. Having the right materials and tools will get you off to the right start.Don't be left behind, get your free, renewable energy from the sun. Thousands of people are already generating their power, including me. Yes, I have tried this for myself, the guide is exactly what is says it does. Very easy, step-by-step instructions for installing and mounting to your home. I will never have to pay for power again, I am very happy with the results.
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