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Hangzhou 3 tons of lithium battery forklift battery supporting manufacturers price how many money?

by:Vglory      2020-08-24
Hangzhou 3 t forklift battery, 80 v500ah, 40 - 5 pzb500 zhejiang hangzhou hangzhou fork lithium-ion battery pack 3 tons of lithium battery forklift battery supporting manufacturers price is how much money a set, zhejiang hangzhou fork most lithium-ion batteries in the newsletter rev ( XQ) And day ( TIANNENG) And the torch ( Torch) 、GSYUASA、FAAM( Eminem) 、HOPPECKE( Good CARDS, hebeike) To host original battery brand, in our country, logistics, warehousing, handling equipment, ceramic enterprises, cold chain logistics, such as plant wharf enterprise needs is more, different hangzhou forklift battery brand supporting price gap very far, models are different, our country is now into the industrial age, green vehicle consumption demand is very big, hangzhou battery forklift for the breakthrough point, to apply to every field, hangzhou 3 tons forklift v500ah 80 or 80 v480ah form a complete set of lithium batteries, hangzhou fork battery model reference: 40 - 5 db500, 40 - 5 pzb500, 40 - 5 pbs500, 40 - D - 500; 40 - D - 40 - 480 r 8 db480 40 - 8 pzb480 40 - 8 pbs480, capacity of two models are with 3 t battery forklift, hangzhou iron box size is different, the price has certain gap. Hangzhou 3 tons battery forklift specifications for: CPD30H, CPD30J, 1200 deep circulation ability, in the process of using hangzhou fork lithium batteries, occasionally charging in the car is not complete, easy to cause the plate; At the same time, in use to charge and discharge the battery is not balanced, if is greater than the recharge and discharge making lithium battery is in a state of loss of electricity for a long time, the lithium battery plate will slowly sulfide. This chronic sulfide, can make the lithium battery charge capacity decrease, until starting weakness, greatly shorten the service life of lithium-ion batteries. For lithium battery plate on the active substances to be reduction on time, reduce the plate, improve the capacity of lithium battery charge, prolong its service life, the in-use vehicle battery charging should be added on a regular basis, forklift battery electrolyte in sulfuric acid root ion and the hydrogen ions under the action of electric field to move to the cathode, the batteries are respectively current is formed within the cell, the whole circuit is formed, lithium batteries continue to discharge outward. Hangzhou forklift CPD30J, lithium battery pack for CPD30H hangzhou 3 t forklift battery capacity is very big, can be a fork 3 tons of goods, but we do not recommend a fork near the peak load for a long time, so avoid lithium-ion battery pack, excessive discharge of sulfuric acid root ion in the electrolyte and under the action of hydrogen ions in the electric field to move to the cathode, the batteries are current is formed within the cell, the whole circuit is formed, lithium batteries continue to discharge outward. When charging, should have been flow in an external power supply, A charging or rectifier) , make the positive and negative plates after discharge generated matter back into the original active substances, and store electrical energy into chemical energy of the outside world. On the positive plate under the action of external current, lead sulfate by dissociation of bivalent lead ions ( Pb2) And sulfuric acid root ion, and due to external power constantly draw electrons from the anode, the positive plate near free of bivalent lead ions released two electrons to complement, become a tetravalent lead ions ( Pb4) , react with water to continue, and finally lead dioxide is generated on the anode plate, on the negative plate under the action of external current, lead sulfate by dissociation of bivalent lead ion and sulfate ion, as the cathode goes from external power electronics, the negative plate near lead free of bivalent ions are neutral as lead ( Pb) And are attached to the negative plate lead on velvet. Electrolyte, anode constantly produce hydrogen ions (free H) And sulfuric acid root ion, negative constantly produce sulfuric acid root ion, in under the action of electric field, the hydrogen ions move to the cathode, sulfuric acid root ion to the positive movement, the formation of current. Late charge, the current under the action of outside, what will happen in the solution of water electrolysis reaction. Shenzhen power supply co. , LTD can full range of supporting hangzhou forklift lithium battery pack, appropriate to the various models are used, service in place. Hangzhou forklift battery 3 tons battery forklift battery 3 tons forklift battery in the subsequent use of hangzhou, in time, in need of repair processing. Remove battery pole group, examine the sediment in the sedimentation tank, if it is fall off a small amount of active material and the normal work of the battery is allowed within the scope of active material falls off too much, cause the loss of battery capacity on one hand, on the other hand, easy to cause the positive and negative plate in the bottom of the battery short circuit, make the battery life of early termination. If because of active material loss, cause a short circuit at the bottom of the plate, you need to take out a group of, remove the sediment, clear plate short circuit parts, will be a group of load cell, replace the new electrolyte, again with small current charging, and adjust the electrolyte in the late charge density and liquid level height, restore the battery to use. Lithium battery is the cause of internal short circuit, conductive objects into the battery short-circuit, causing the positive and negative plates in or have beans '' lead in welding assembly are caused by short circuit between the cathode. Baffle hole or aperture too ambassador plate formed during charging and discharging lead 'velvet' through the diaphragm, causing short circuit, plate bending deformation and the damage to diaphragm or active substances, shorting out the precipitation in the edge of the plate. Unscrewed the vent plug and directly observe the presence of conductor fall between plate caused by short circuit, is to take out the conductive objects. On the battery, without risking bubble between positive and negative plate, with a thermometer, higher temperature between positive and negative plate, available at thin plastic inserts, moving slowly, clear plate short circuit between the objects. Cannot be directly eliminate, remove the single battery pole of the failure of group, clean up the conductive objects and sediment, check whether there is any breakage on diaphragm, if there is any replacement diaphragm, repair the battery. Hangzhou determinants 3 t forklift battery life is? According to its own maintenance, maintenance for reference, this reference manual, pay attention to maintenance, life is in commonly 4 years, or longer.
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