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From next month, battery empty mark the highest fines of up to 1 million! Who was sent off first?

by:Vglory      2020-11-01
In early December, the National Development and Reform Commission notice, beginning January 1, 2016, by the public security bureau of economic investigation brigade, industrial and commercial bureau, bureau of technical supervision and so on several big joint law enforcement supervision, hit the empty mark the phenomenon of the battery, on pain of a fine ranging from 100000 to 1 million. Battery empty mark in the electric car industry is still a unwritten rules, the more the more small brands. Even some familiar brands are doing this business deals. Battery is empty mark pit dealers and consumers. Battery standard, in a sense is quality, consumers buy back, found short of dealer commitment mileage, turned to query dealers, merchants can give change new battery, in the long run, not earn money, word of mouth is worse and worse. In addition to battery capacity qi, even some brand production date will be fraud, had some brand has a real-name reporting business. If you encounter this kind of situation, in the process of operation can be reported to the Ministry of Commerce and industry actively, to get rid of this bad brand or earlier. Battery industry since 2012 in environmental regulation, from a peak of more than 2000 brands, to now survived more than 200, among them experience the painful lessons of needless to say. In 2016, 4% consumption tax and heavy batteries qi, visible state management of the lead-acid battery industry will be more and more normative, even more and more strict. Lithium battery called on everyone to work together to drive them out, a day earlier industry to a day earlier for benign development. From: the business of electric vehicles
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