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Forklift truck operation in the early years of the lithium battery 'mixed with the qing'

by:Vglory      2020-09-14
Battery forklift mainly tier, balance weight, forward type, tray several categories, including for stacking forklift, its mainly forklift lithium battery as the power source of elevator, we see everyday 24 v210ah mini stacker configuration is more, this series of battery group together, rely on 12 monomer in the production, sales, use the link have different changes, especially in the initial charging operation, the electrolyte has a change from 'qing' 'mixed' again, 'qing' process. Added at the beginning of the electro-hydraulic, lithium battery violent reactions, plate on certain substances dissolved in the electrolyte, plate of some additives, such as carbon black, also to state of suspension into the electro-hydraulic, and electrolyte become 'mixed'. As the charging process, some ions in under the action of electric field force into the plate, charge which is caused by oxygen oxidation will be part of the suspended matter, the two processes of electro-hydraulic purification effect. Is that the electrolyte and made 'mix' gradually become 'qing'. This kind of phenomenon, also can be used as a judge the degree of charging basis. The above mentioned, it is qualitative judgment. Use the lead lithium battery capacity table directly measured numerical, lead the retaining capacity of lithium-ion batteries are charging degree of quantitative basis. If the extension of charging time, lead the guaranteed acceptance of lithium-ion batteries gradually increased, most beneficial if lead lithium battery charging is no longer retain capacity increases with the charging process, the charge is harmful to lead the thunder battery and futile. If the battery has occurred within the plate hamstring, active substances in clumps, guaranteed no capacity of the battery can only be reached with the damage degree of the corresponding level. So, electricity meter to determine lead lithium battery is full charge, has nothing to do with the size of the quantity, only depends on whether the measured power value is still on the rise. After the first charge if measured lithium battery retaining capacity has reached Ren lead to more than nominal capacity, the lead lithium batteries can be put into use, we can rely on the judgment of the electrolyte to the naked eye color and depth to determine the use of the plate, general forklift battery of the large current discharge, or dry, electrolyte in distilled water to supplement, can produce a large number of black powder, the powder and the early new state, float the electrolyte material is cloudy, not in storage, can affect the use of lithium battery forklift.
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