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Forklift truck leasing, linde forklift towards a new starting point

by:Vglory      2020-09-07
Linde E30, lithium battery forklift, 80 v700ah, 5 pzs700 forklift truck leasing, and lithium battery forklift rental, in the industry is nothing new, but as brand forklift truck enterprises to launch a new marketing mode, but however much, linde Germany's advanced ideas and more than 20 years experience in the Chinese market launched mainly includes rental service 'the whole value chain service', has been around the concept of 'customer oriented'. Among them, linde leasing business in order to meet customer demand as the guidance, ultimately realize the maximization of the input-output ratio of users. Linde is introduced as early as 2002, the successful experience of the linde group in Europe, 2012 comprehensive propaganda leasing concept in the Chinese market and promote operational leasing business, the forklift truck leasing business, already 45 branches throughout the country and how to carry out comprehensive and has 5000 rental fleet size customer service in China market, as China's market is the largest and most professional forklift truck leasing services. As the industry has always been the leader and take the lead in advocating the pioneer of the forklift truck leasing, linde not only focus on their own rental business expansion in China, is committed to fostering idea of in the field of the whole material handling to the lease and promotion. Our company is shenzhen power supply co. , LTD. Is specialized in linde forklift battery sales and after-sales service, is to use the most professional supplier of lithium battery forklift, products involved in warehousing, logistics, factory, food, tobacco, petrochemical, etc to the lithium battery forklift truck enterprises. An excerpt
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