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Forklift produce chemical state to lithium batteries

by:Vglory      2020-09-06
Lithium battery forklift in the charging process, generate hydrogen, should stay away from open flame, do not smoke in nearby, forklift as necessary logistics equipment, most of the time didn't get the standard management, use and to further check the fault nature and degree of lithium batteries, so that the technical state of exact judge, can be combined with lithium battery charging process, according to the different performance of lithium battery when charging test, take the lithium battery internal fault and its reason. ( 1) Normal state. For lithium battery charging, lithium battery voltage and electrolyte proportion increase, according to certain rule and electrolyte temperature is not high also. This suggests that the technology state of lithium-ion batteries is normal, just belong to excessive discharge, should be recharged. ( 2) The state of vulcanization. Interior of sulfide in lithium-ion batteries charging, could be up to 2 original single cell voltage. Around 8 v, electrolyte temperature is high, as the charging continued, hours later, the single voltage will drop to two. 2 v, then slowly rising and a good rule is the same to lithium batteries. Serious internal curing of lithium batteries, the single battery voltage will be higher than 2. More than 8 v, the proportion of the electrolyte does not rise, at the beginning of charging the lithium-ion batteries will appear bubble phenomenon. ( 3) Active material loss. Active substances serious loss of lithium battery when charging, cloudy, electrolyte of lithium battery capacity is reduced, the charging time is normal lithium batteries shortened, the electrolyte such as boiling phenomenon will be ahead of the end of charging. ( 4) To discharge. Self discharge lithium battery, charging time is longer, voltage of the electrolyte density and rising slowly. If you have any serious lithium battery internal short circuit, no matter how long charging time, and terminal voltage will not increase the proportion of the electrolyte, more no air bubbles in the lithium battery, the electrolyte is like a backwater.
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