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Forklift lithium-ion battery pack by impedance test?

by:Vglory      2020-09-14
Lithium battery forklift, mainly used as discharge, the output current is large, when the vehicle or line resistance increase, likely to cause loss of battery forklift, this will affect the working time of battery fork daily goods and service life, with the development of current science and technology, all kinds of electric equipment is in rapid development, the lithium battery as the current electric power resource reserves of emergency power supply and power supply has become a current production areas the main backup equipment and power system operation. Choose and use the best lithium battery maintenance and testing equipment can make you comfortable in the lithium battery maintenance. Determine lithium battery life condition and method of use is the best way to load test and capacity test method. Need a long time in the process of this test, therefore in the process of testing to use convenient and reliable method to supervision of battery capacity and the relationship between the conduction, judge the quality problem of the battery with this relationship. For simple auxiliary test method, we first from valve control of lithium battery structure and principle of the study's start. People always thought that in the past practice of lithium battery is composed of internal routing resistance, inductance and capacitance, so the wrong effect of inductance is one of the major problems of the battery quality, so in the process of measuring dc current impedance test was carried out on the batteries that have been taken. We inevitable battery aging, but also internal resistance increase for one reason, all kinds of lithium battery forklift, lead-acid batteries are the same, only try to maintain the details in place.
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