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Forklift lithium battery voltage of the monomer measurement method

by:Vglory      2020-09-02
Lithium battery forklift, relying on monomer in series, in the use of late, there will be a single individual voltage on the low side, etc. , we need to lithium battery forklift separated individual monomers in working line, measurement of monomer battery terminal voltage, using a multimeter or voltmeter measurement at the ends of the battery voltage directly. Each cell is a 2 v battery design, different voltage of battery is composed of multiple 2 v cells, battery voltage measurement is 2 v * n, normal battery terminal voltage is greater than 2 v * n, not less than 1. 75V*n。 Such as the measured voltage does not reach 1. 75 v * n batteries need to be recharged or activation charge, after activation treatment such as battery voltage is still not up to 1. 75 v * n, can be regarded as failure batteries, cannot use. Forklift also known as traction with lead acid lithium batteries, lithium batteries must be kept in monomer consistency is balanced, using professional conductivity tester, to measure the conductivity of monomer battery, different brands of different capacity of the battery according to the industry to develop standards for different conductivity measurement, can be used as a judge of the battery indicator, measured the conductance is too large and too small that the battery has failed, cannot use.
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