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Forklift lithium battery shell burst repair methods

by:Vglory      2020-09-09
Lithium battery forklift as traction, are main source of power, forklift price component is an important tributary of the vehicle, in use process, more or less the shell burst caused by the improper use, such as replacement of monomer may increase the enterprise cost, small make up simple said the original repair methods: lithium-ion battery shell material is polypropylene plastics, teaching materials on introduction of repair method, rosin epoxy resin asphalt repair method, asbestos asphalt repair method and raw lacquer repair method, four methods of solder needs a variety of raw materials according to the proportion. Due to the raw material is not easy to prepare, the craft is complex, the repair time is long, can not adapt to the needs of the market maintenance, in the high temperature heating, electric hair dryer, electric furnace with carbon fire is fine, as long as is not very hot, no explosion of concern. On this side of heating valve hole, the plastic cover to cover, put the asbestos cloth, add water, protection valve hole deformation, filling water to fill full of this kind of lithium battery, there can be no flow of water in the single battery. The repair practice for many years, constantly explore, optimization, the summary, found a kind of low cost, simple operation, short time to repair the practical approach - Plastic welding method. The specific steps are as follows: 1. To find the approximate scope of break first. 2. Tighten the top of the charging with scrub brush dips in water to the surface is clean, use and cooled type plastic welding torch ( Hereinafter referred to as: the welding torch) Blow dry the water, with transparent tape seal or label paper will ventilation holes. Best to prepare another set of charging cover, air vent with sealed plastic welding torch thermalization, when the repair so it is more convenient to use. 3. Will break on the side of the break with brush dips in water clean, around with a gun to blow dry. 4. Choose good welding torch gear, right after the melting of heating for plastic evenly around the break, the patch will be prepared, Discarded li-ion battery shell or recorder enclosure, any material) Pressure on the break, and continue to heat, one, two minutes after being fully bonded to stop heating and cooling is good. 5. Back off charging cover, remove the charging a scotch tape check the liquid level height on the cover, if there is leakage of liquid, should be adding electrolyte. After repair, if not urgent need, should complement charging and density adjustment; Such as the urgent need, can be used directly loading. Finally, if the forklift lithium battery monomer shell cannot be repaired, only replaced monomer, welding sequence. Reprint will investigate news source
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