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Forklift lithium battery self-discharge and sulfide produced?

by:Vglory      2020-08-22
Lithium battery forklift v500ah 40-80 5 db500 lithium battery forklift belongs to the type of traction power battery, a traditional open lead-acid battery, this time casually with lead acid as medium can produce sulfide and self-discharge, those reasons will affect the subsequent performance of lithium battery forklift? We under the simple analysis: when the temperature change is big, the high density of electrolyte and confounding factors such as electrolyte will lead to sulfide. If the lithium battery for a long time the lack of enough electricity or without charging immediately after discharge, so radically changes in temperature, lead sulfate recrystallization will occur, causing the plate, and the plate will cause lead acid lithium battery can't charge, it will cause for the actual output capacity of the battery. Due to the lithium battery forklift liquid level is not high, so the bumps, fluctuating electrolyte will happen, it will not only make the plate and direct contact with air, will trigger further oxidation phenomenon, if the plate also contact with the electrolyte after oxidation, so the upper plate would be a big grain lead sulfate, eventually lead to sulfide. Electrolyte spraying on lithium battery cover on the surface or lithium battery cover itself exists on the surface of the dirt reason will lead to lead acid lithium battery forklift, such as a pile corrosion and discharge conditions on its own. If electrolyte has a large number of impurities, the plate can produce local cell all round, causing discharge conditions on its own. Because of active material loss and diaphragm rupture and cause problems such as lithium battery internal short circuit happens to the positive and negative plate, eventually lead to self discharge. To avoid the above situation, we at the time of use, need to pay attention to all details, renewable deep circulating capacity of the battery. Source: the lithium battery forklift truck; Please keep the source! Reproduced in the form of links, please indicate the address: newshow. asp吗? nid=716& lid=83
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