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Forklift lithium battery internal resistance test of how to judge?

by:Vglory      2020-08-26
Everyone should know, forklift lithium battery internal resistance of the size directly affects the self-discharge of the battery itself, the greater the resistance, the faster the 'electric leakage', generally require small internal resistance, high capacity of fork lithium battery pack, the vehicle itself, wire has great advantages, also avoid battery between hot tandem line. To use lithium battery internal resistance tester and tester judge lead acid lithium battery conductance method, the increase of lithium battery internal resistance can be used as a lithium battery internal structure change parameter, but for lead acid lithium batteries required battery as long as we can discharge capacity, voltage reach equipment allows voltage value, we generally do not eliminate the lead-acid lithium-ion battery pack. So lithium lead-acid battery internal resistance test and conductivity test values only as a reference of lithium lead-acid battery performance, and not as lead acid lithium battery is good or bad judgment.
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