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Forklift lithium battery electrolyte density measurement method

by:Vglory      2020-09-15
Lithium battery forklift need regular testing electrolyte density, to confirm the consistency of the monomer density of balanced decision battery energy itself, especially use more than 2 years of lithium battery forklift, testing at least once a month, this is the key to decide life, regular measurement of lithium battery electrolyte density, normal should be 1. About 28 g/cm3, Maintenance free except lithium battery) 。 Method for measuring the electrolyte density: unscrew the charging of lithium battery cover, with density meter from charging mouth suck out electrolyte until the float float densimeter. When density provision to and eye sight reading level position observation, ensure the accuracy of the readings, forklift is lithium battery electrolyte density varies with the different of lithium battery charge and discharge, the electrolyte density drop degree is one of the degree of lithium battery discharge performance. Measurement of each single cell electrolyte density, can understand the discharge of lithium-ion batteries. When the electrolyte density is less than 1. 23g/cm3( 15℃) When dealing with lithium battery recharged. Electrolyte density regulation is 15 ℃ as a benchmark for measuring, if the temperature is below 15 ℃ or higher than 15 ℃, should use thermometer to measure the actual temperature of electrolyte, calculating the electrolyte density for revised. Also according to the temperature regulating electrolyte density, lithium battery electrolyte density shall be determined according to the regional and seasonal conditions. High density, the impact of lithium battery service life; Density is too low, easy to cause the electrolyte freezes in winter. The same of each single cell lithium-ion batteries electrolyte density difference should not be greater than zero. 01, if a single cell battery electrolyte density drop is too large, then the single battery internal may have problems, should find out the reason and repair.
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