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Forklift lithium battery discharge protection

by:Vglory      2020-09-13
Protection in forklift forklift lithium battery discharge circuit rated discharge voltage, such as a set of 48 v700ah battery group, at the time of a day's work, voltage, current and electrolyte concentration will decline, if excessive discharge, forklift battery will accelerate vulcanization, active material loss, decline in energy storage properties, won't be able to affect the use of the follow-up time and power; Electric forklift controller is generally equipped with under-voltage protection function, when the electric scale shows only one electric, should shut off the power, as fast as possible for lithium battery charging, so as to avoid the excessive discharge. Lithium battery to discharge voltage resistance is bigger, the electrolyte concentration is very thin, especially plate hole and surface almost in a neutral, when the discharge resistance has a tendency to heat, volume expansion, the discharge current is larger, the obvious fever fever deformation, even then will lead sulfate crystals into larger particles, which form the irreversible sulfate, will further increase the resistance, charging recovery ability will become worse, even beyond repair. Lithium battery forklift periodically conduct a completely discharge is beneficial to 'activate' battery, can slightly improve the battery capacity. But the method to correct. Advice please battery maintenance technology professionals operating right is beneficial to the improvement of the battery life. With the vigorous development of the electric forklift, to solve the problem of the service life of lead acid lithium battery, in addition to the design of the lead acid lithium battery maker should be taken seriously, the user's correct use, regular maintenance is also very important. Used correctly can ensure the normal life of lithium batteries, regular maintenance and maintenance is also an important means of prolonging lithium battery life, about the quality of the possible hidden dangers can be found early, too, are indicators of prevention. So that we can improve the economic benefit, reduce change the economic input of lithium-ion batteries, lithium battery forklift, according to need to configure the level display and discharge voltage once reach the basic requirements of the forklift truck, must stop using, avoid to cause the battery power is too large, forklift is discharge and recharge the battery set the number of times the prerequisites. Pay more attention to the news:
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