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Forklift lithium battery discharge capacity of the logo

by:Vglory      2020-08-23
Lithium battery forklift nameplate many times to let users cannot change confirm choose which kind of capacity, a lot of time tag C5 or C6 discharge capacity, many in Japan, South Korea region to C6 as lithium battery discharge time, also they said last time, lithium battery rated capacity C, unit ampere hour ( Ah) , it is the discharge current (Ann 一) Hours and discharge time ( h) The product. Due to the same battery with different discharge parameters of Ah is different, in order to facilitate the battery capacity are compared, and description, measurement and unity must be predetermined conditions. Practice, the battery capacity is defined as: use a set of current to set the voltage of the battery discharge power is given. Also to say the battery capacity is: with a set of current to set the voltage of the battery discharge time and the current product. Currently in lead acid lithium battery capacity has the following several kinds of marking methods, such as C20, C10, C5, C2, respectively for 20 h, 10 h, 5 h, 2 h is the discharge rate of discharge and the actual capacity. If it is 20 h capacity under the discharge rate, marking should be C20, C20 = 10 ah battery, it refers to C20/20 capacity value of discharge current 20 h. Conversion to C5, namely to C20 rules four times the discharge current, capacity is only 7 ah left right, electric bicycle riding in large current discharge within 1 ~ 2 h, lead-acid battery in 1 ~ 2 h ( C1 - C2) Put down, close to the rated current of 10 times, so it can supply electricity only actual C20 put capacitance amount of 50% ~ 54%. Battery capacity labeled C2, marked at a rate of about 2 h discharge capacity, if not C2, calculated, you should correct discharge time and capacity are obtained. In 5 h discharge rate ( C5) Mark has a capacity of 100%, if to put down in 3 h, the actual capacity is only 88%; It finished within 2 h, only 78%; Within 1 h after, only to 5 h discharge capacity of 65%. Assumption is the capacity of 10 ah. So now in 3 h discharge can only get 8. The actual power; 8 ah If in 1 h discharge, can only get 6. 5 ah, to reduce the discharge rate at random, discharge current > 0. 5 c2 capacity than the marked not only reduce, also have certain influence to the life of the battery. Similarly, the marked, Rated) Capacity of C3 power pool, the discharge current for the C3/3, the material is 0. 333 c3, if C5, discharge current should be 0. 2 c5, and so on. Generally refers to the capacity of lithium-ion batteries is 25 ℃ to 10 hours rate discharge capacity will be faster, but we in the actual configuration of battery capacity is larger, the discharge rate can reach 20 hours, the rate of 30 hours, some even can reach rate of 40 hours or more. This configuration advantages obviously, power can guarantee the long time of dc power supply, but too much of a good thing, if let the battery for a long time after each blackout, small current discharge will be larger influence on capacity and service life of the battery. This is because the small current discharge, PbO2 of positive plate and negative plate when the Pb in reaction into PbSO4 speed is slower, formed PbSO4 particles are small and dense, after a long time in the positive and negative plate surface to form a layer of dense PbSO4 mode, this layer of PbSO4 prevented - H2SO4 in electrolyte and the internal contact of active material and the positive and negative plates to the battery discharge reaction, cause the loss of battery capacity, for the same reason and cause charging reaction from otherwise normal operations, unable to restore normal capacity of the battery after charging. And the discharge of large discharge rate of positive and negative plate formed PbSO4 process faster, PbSO4 particles in the arrangement of positive and negative plate is loose, not stop - H2SO4 into plate participate in internal discharge reactions, so can reach the discharge capacity of normal, the same reason in the process of charging capacity and easy to recover. In domestic at present, lithium battery forklift most 5 hr as the discharge standards, such as C5, 48 v400ah; Standard of 400 ah capacity. Source: the lithium battery forklift truck; Please keep the source! Reproduced in the form of links, please indicate the address: newshow. asp吗? nid=722& lid=83
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