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Forklift for lithium battery and temperature resistance

by:Vglory      2020-09-15
Lithium battery forklift production steps have a tightness link, the link control is bad, will cause the battery in charging and discharging inside the shell of sulfuric acid, the battery will short circuit because of dry water short of liquid, when many users received forklift battery, did not know the process to use when individual single frequent charging, affect the use of battery forklift truck, air tightness test for lithium batteries as stipulated in the test standard of each monomer into or take out part of the gas, or between the battery of monomer and monomer monomers from air pressure difference with the outside world, to detect whether the sealing performance in good condition. Air tightness is unqualified, the battery will discharge and can also affect the lithium battery service life. Air tightness is unqualified main reason is the difference in the material of lithium battery shell and poor heat sealing process. Also need to know, is the temperature resistance of lithium battery forklift, this is the key to affect the relations to the user use forklift environment of heat-resistant, design is not reasonable, lead to battery sulfide is accelerated, sulfate crystals increases, when the late charge, cause the charger can't identify the voltage, high heat resistance tests is lithium battery in ( < 65℃) And low ( A 30 ℃) Remove after 24 h temperature environment, placed in 10 ℃ 25 soil environment for 12 h, when the shell after the return to a normal temperature air tightness test. Variable test is the inspection of heat-resistant plastic shell lithium battery adaptability to environment temperature change. After the test, the shell material of lithium battery will be out of shape, craze, this will affect the normal use of lithium-ion batteries. News from shenzhen:
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