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Forklift battery charger design

by:Vglory      2020-08-21
48 v400ah lithium battery forklift, mechanical and electrical current input 50 ~ 60 a forklift battery charging belongs to the lead-acid battery assembly of large, large capacity, which requires a very high output current, and the general work finished in charge, the forklift battery and charging connection is in a state of unattended, this time how to avoid the existence of potential safety hazard, the charger is good or bad directly and forklift battery, the industry is often said that the battery is bad not bad, so choose a good charger, is critical. Existing lithium battery charger, there are a lot of inferior quality of the unqualified products in some faulty charger is actually a simple transformer with no safety guarantee, most of the charger in the lithium battery recharged after not intelligence and power in a floating state for a long time, has certain influence on the life of the battery will; The existing charging manager generally don't have self learning function, unable to determine the battery charging status, not under the condition of the lithium battery has been charged smart cut off power supply. At present our company sales of portable lithium battery charging equipment used functional power IC, and controlled by digital logic circuit to conduct sampling, automatically detect the state of rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. The charger adopts '- with constant current Constant voltage current limiting - Constant voltage floating 'charging mode, achieve the automatic working state, especially suitable for unattended in the workplace. The selection of high quality components to ensure the reliability and stability of the product itself, and can significantly extend the service life of lithium batteries; Two input current transformer T2 primary concatenated in lithium battery charging circuit of an input ac voltage, secondary voltage resistor R2, and sampling resistor R2 converts ac charging current of induction voltage, and connect to the operational amplifier LM358A reverse side 2 feet, operational amplifier LM358A 1 foot output amplifier of the ac voltage of the rectifier diode D2 output the signals to single chip microcomputer A/D sampling, in the output of the rectifier diode D2 connection filtering electrolytic capacitor C6. Operational amplifier LM358A be taken into the inverting amplifier, the amplifier gain K is only determined by the value of R1 and R3 here: [ K = R3R1] When the lithium battery to start charging, induction of alternating current signal after R2 converted to voltage signal input LM358A amplification, enlarged the ac voltage signal, through the diode D2 rectifier, C6 filtering the ac voltage signal averaged dc level signal, sampling port connected to the microcontroller PIC12F675 GP2. MCU PIC12F675 GP2 end for lithium battery dc level signal sampling the input, the single chip microcomputer using the built-in 4 MHz crystals, R5, C7 series microcontroller GP3 electric reset on port, LED for charging status indicator, when in a state of charge indicator, when in charge indicator light goes out; S2 for learning sample button, it is mainly used for the charging current charge state corresponds to the dc level stored in the microcontroller E2PROM chips was introduced, as the basis of whether lithium battery charge; C8 for MCU power supply high frequency filter capacitor, single chip microcomputer PIC12F675 GP1 output relay driver input port through the current limiting resistor, the charger design main accessories for forklift, carelessness, a good forklift battery charging machine, more than 30% can extend battery life. Many forklift battery factory, such as the torch lithium battery factories, at the time of form a complete set of the resultant force, hangzhou fork, also produces its own battery charger configuration, avoid the torch battery after-sales management. Source: the lithium battery forklift truck; Please keep the source! Reproduced in the form of links, please indicate the address: newshow. asp吗? nid=707& lid=83
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