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Forklift battery charged condition

by:Vglory      2020-08-21
The torch forklift battery - 24 7 db700 v700ah forklift lithium battery 24-48 9 pzs630 48 v630ah forklift battery belong to dry charge battery, this is the open type water battery, the use of the late need to constantly adding distilled water, once appear dry state, dry lotus performance degradation, battery is not in the storage, forklift battery has liquid, before they go out with raged over the domestic market economy, many dealers have their own procurement monomer in the factory, self-assembly, to reduce the cost of the battery container, increase market competitiveness, but there is no discharge of steps, just added power supply, general forklift battery after three cycles of leaving the factory, so dry lotus performance is very good, the proportion of monomer voltage balancing, at present the international and domestic battery charged state estimates put forward many methods, like an ampere-hour method, load voltage method, the open circuit voltage method, etc. , because of the complicated physical and chemical properties, the battery has encountered the problem of the accuracy of these methods. Its state charged with battery internal resistance, electrolyte temperature, density, closely related to the parameters such as discharge current, voltage, so its charged state can be regarded as a nonlinear function of these variables. Now to the practical application of forklift battery charged state estimation methods most is integral method and some improvement methods, regarding some specific research methods contrast is as follows: A/an ampere-hour integral method, the working principle of the integral method is simpler. It will be a forklift battery as a relatively closed system, it does not go to the study of complex electrochemical reactions, but the external characteristics of the system, power monitoring in and out of the closed system. On battery power change monitoring for a long period of time, so that they can give any time lead acid lithium battery charged condition. Ampere-hour integral method to implement simple, limited by conditions lead acid lithium battery itself is small, suitable for computer monitoring advantages into full play. Ampere-hour integral method, however, never solve with forklift battery soc from within the relationship between the internal state, but from the external recorded in and out of its power, leading to the soc estimation may lose accuracy for forklift battery state changes. B/load voltage method due to the open circuit voltage are hard to come by, forklift battery research and load voltage of the battery group charged state of relations will be a very good method. Load voltage measurement does not need to stand for long time. Assuming constant current, so the load voltage is proportional to the open circuit voltage will, which can estimate the battery charged state. But forklift truck's actual working environment is dynamic, current is not stable, constant current conditions can't meet, and forklift battery voltage recovery yield lag effect and stack effect. That is to say, when the battery discharge, if not to keep a stable state, at the early stage of the discharge voltage recovery curve will have a certain degree of superposition with discharge curve. So in practice it is impossible to get the stable load voltage, high expectations of load voltage method is impractical. C/open circuit voltage method because of the forklift battery charged state have certain relationship with its electromotive force, has a good linear relationship between open circuit voltage and capacity, so the open circuit voltage method to estimate capacity can reach a certain precision, and can be done on the single chip microcomputer. However, in the process of estimating, battery group after charging or discharging all need quiet place for a long time, and the environment temperature influence on the measurement results will be, only refer to the experience data can achieve good accuracy. In actual use, let stand for a long time is very little, mostly after filling the electrical work, quiet place after work or a short time. So will not charged state of forklift battery accurate estimate. D/fuzzy logic method appeared in recent years the fuzzy logic method is adopted to estimate forklift battery charged state, to some extent, solve the difficulties with traditional mathematical method research. In actual work, the researchers engaged in research work through a series of experiments, the battery charged state estimates are usually more accurate, especially in the late discharge test, on the basis of the measured parameters such as temperature, voltage, current, to the forklift battery in the discharge end state estimate ability is very strong. The principle of this method is based on a large number of test curve, combined with the experience of researchers and their reasoning, using fuzzy logic to simulate human thinking, the battery can be charged state of reliable estimate. E/neural network as a result of the forklift battery charged state by environmental temperature, the influence of many factors such as current, voltage, and the relationship is very complicated. Therefore, neural network approximation has been widely applied in research of complex nonlinear system, has a lot of identification and control based on neural network structure is put forward, as ART model, BP network and RBF network. Researchers in the United States at Princeton university, the battery combination is regarded as a black box, adopts the technology of the neurons, in the entire life cycle, training in various working conditions is composed of neuron network. In conclusion describes the forklift battery charged state judgment method, based on the integration of various methods, can provide forklift with Suggestions; No matter which kind of battery, if it is dry loading bottles of water and electricity, or maintenance can prolong the life of its original work. Source: the lithium battery forklift truck; Please keep the source! Reproduced in the form of links, please indicate the address: newshow. asp吗? nid=706& lid=83
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