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Forklift batteries produce peculiar smell

by:Vglory      2020-09-13
Forklift battery means used in forklift truck on lithium battery, the battery must rely on charging to recycle, though naturally produced in the process of charging hydrogen mixture of sulfuric acid taste, but pay attention to ventilation, not smoking, open flames; Not at this time or make a phone call, or the battery will explode; Do not charge; Nor long-term without a charge; Do not charge room area is too small; Cannot not timely supplement electrolyte; Must replenish distilled water, etc. , to deal with the battery forklift is doomed it needs lifelong slave for a lifetime, forklift battery charging current is too large, the charging current is too large, will cause the battery plate pierced, fall off, then charge, the electrolyte stirring up, will take off the powder also float up, natural taste great! Usually need to check the security situation around forklift: launch a forklift truck before, no one around make sure forklift; When carrying large cargo, the line of sight is not good, please reverse driving or guided by others; Reverse driving, make sure forklift around no one; Driving forklift in the narrow channel, due to lead; Drivers should be at the crossroads or other places to see first parking, to ensure that the forklift around empty again drive; Forklift truck and car is different, it is the rear wheel steering, close to place, reduce the speed, and then turn the steering wheel to rotate the forklift rear, when forklift there are damage or malfunction, stop operating forklift maintenance; Forklift forklift was an overhaul, cannot operation; Check the electrical system, close the key switch and pull out the lithium battery plug, ban work overload, forklift truck can only carry weight under rated lifting weight of the goods; Overload transportation, the rear wheel off the ground extremely easily, at this point, it can't control, easy to cause accident. Battery forklift loading and unloading of goods shall not exceed the limit weight, excessive discharge, can let the battery plate is damaged, can also produce peculiar smell in the charging phase, so near BaoFeiQi forklift batteries. More battery news:
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