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Force to the optimum service life of the lithium battery forklift

by:Vglory      2020-09-09
Force to optimal forklift, lithium battery service life is based on user's own use, when the workload is bigger, also is the average daily charge discharge we said once, if a battery is imported from Japan to set of GS, KOBE, the two brands life life in more than 1500 times on average, according to the 300 days one year work, once a day, calculate down for five years, but it will be five years because the customer maintenance, and forklift manufacturing itself is shortened or increase also vary, lithium battery forklift depends on the follow-up maintenance, usually pay attention to adding distilled water, not excessive discharge, not overcharge, the life can be reached, the force to optimal forklift is Japan's largest and oldest battery forklift manufacturer. Japan's first trial battery forklift truck is by the corporation, balance weight type battery forklift, forward type battery forklift and unmanned battery forklift is the corporation development and production, it can be said that the force to the history of the optimal mitsubishi forklift co. , LTD is not only the history of Japanese battery forklift industry, our company in shenzhen, specializing in force forklift lithium batteries for many years, best can rapidly form a complete set of power to each type of lithium battery forklift, have super a quality. Reprint will investigate news source
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