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Force to the optimal electric vehicle battery solutions

by:Vglory      2020-09-18
Force to form a complete set of optimal electric vehicle batteries in Japan general GSYUASA, kobe two battery brand, most of which is given priority to with GS battery, are generally not high with battery, power in electric vehicle English best identified as 'NICHIYU', domestic logistics, factory, cold drink is visible to the NICHIYU, libraries, industry, to say the force to the history of the optimal mitsubishi electric corporation is not only the history of Japanese battery electric vehicle industry, force to optimal mitsubishi electric corporation enjoys a high reputation in Japan, it with high quality and after-sales service network that spreads across Japan to win the trust of our customers, in the entire Japan occupies more than 30% of the battery electric vehicle market share, annual production capacity of 14000 units. Force to optimal mitsubishi electric corporation, a subsidiary of and agents all over the world, whether Asia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Europe, such as Britain, France, the Netherlands, has the corporation's subsidiaries and agents, force to optimal system of electric vehicle battery with glass fiber hose in lead and gold (pectinate grid Rui jin) , between the hose and rui gold lead powder, filling the hose seal, the changing, producing active substances, due to the active substance will not fall off, can prevent the Yin, produce a short circuit between anode plate, but will not interfere with the flow of ions between both poles. And after long time use, also can't degradation, or release of impurities. Lead-acid batteries commonly used isolation plate of glue, force to optimal electric vehicle battery cycles of up to 1500 times, the battery is not to be compared at home, a lot of cold storage requirements for battery is higher, because the temperature difference problem, heat bilges cold shrink, electric vehicle battery performance must have strong resistance to put, can only be up to standard, our company is shenzhen sincerely force to professional electric car battery secondary agents, timely delivery, provide the original drawings. abstract
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