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Floating on the effect of the lithium battery forklift

by:Vglory      2020-09-02
Most of the time, the charger light show is full, the customer then unplug plug machine, in fact, charger is in the judgement according to the battery voltage, such as a set of 48 v400ah forklift lithium battery pack, when the voltage at 51. 5 v, and many times there is a certain voltage storage, we recommend for equalizing charge for 1 hour, so the battery electrolyte concentration proportion can reach 1. 28, even if your line continuation ability request is not long, charge can be used 2 to 3 days, but still it is recommended that you charge every day, so make a battery in shallow circulation state, the battery life will be extended; Forklift lithium battery charging current to detect once a month, prevent damage of charge controller, battery charging for a long time, often after electric effect on the life of the battery is larger, most of the charger in the indicating lamp light changes after fully charged, the battery into battery may be 97% ~ 99%. Although only owe charging 1% ~ 3% of the battery, the impact on the ability of line continuation almost can be ignored, but also can form owe charge accumulation, so the battery fully charged light changes later still continue float charging as much as possible, to control the battery sulfide is also good, after a full charge, floating for a period of time is the best, the battery can reach 100%, so that we can for forklift battery cycle life can provide, according to 1500 times, charge and discharge for a lifetime, this can greatly extended the use of forklift truck time, the effect is very ideal. The article from
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