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Five advantages of lithium iron phosphate batteries

by:Vglory      2021-05-14
What are the advantages of lithium iron phosphate batteries? Advantage 1: Greatly improve the service life of iron phosphate batteries. Under standard charging conditions, the service life of the iron phosphate battery is more than 7 years, and the number of cycles of charging exceeds 2000 times. Generally speaking, the maximum service life of a carbonated battery is only more than one year, and the maximum number of cycles before use is 500 times. As time goes by, its storage rate will become lower and lower. Advantage two: large capacity. Under the same capacity, the storage capacity of lithium iron phosphate batteries is 2 to 3 times that of carbonic acid batteries. Advantage 3: Safety. We all know that in general lithium batteries and polymer lithium batteries, the battery itself will swell in a long period of time. This time we must solve the problem of the uplift of the battery, because the swelling of the battery is equal to an unstable Little bomb! If you don't handle it properly, it will explode! This is why we often see cellphone explosions on the Internet. But iron phosphate battery is a good way to prevent this situation! Good stability, no matter how long it is used, there will be no swelling. Unless you throw it into a high temperature of several thousand degrees or hit the battery hard, it will generally not have an accident. Advantage 4: Constant capacity. I believe we all have this problem, our mobile phone batteries, computer batteries, and even electric car batteries. After a period of use, people will find that they store less and less electricity. This is because if the battery is charged for a long time, its capacity will drop rapidly. The characteristic of the lithium phosphate battery is that it can be used at any time! And it will never affect its storage capacity. Advantage five: low carbon and environmental protection. The environmental benefits of lithium iron phosphate batteries are not available in other batteries because they do not contain heavy metals. Therefore, national design planning is very important, and it has been applied to the field of electric bicycles or electric vehicles. Disclaimer: Some pictures and content of articles published on this site are from the Internet. If there is any infringement, please contact to delete.
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