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Doosan forklift capacity of lithium battery specification table

by:Vglory      2020-09-12
Doosan forklift lithium battery is the configuration, size according to the forklift iron box on different vehicle load capacity, voltage supporting group, different series of forklift iron box dimensions there are certain limitations, on-demand configuration capacity level, more than 500 ah mostly four pillars connection, shenzhen power supply co. , LTD. , is doosan forklift battery guangdong agent, sales for the whole south China region, best quality, one-on-one service, can provide battery welding, desulfurization, maintenance, new battery sales, such as different solutions, products one year warranty, if you want to continue to guarantee period forklift lithium battery needs to increase 15% of the cost in each group, the following part is doosan series forklift battery specification table: doosan models voltage/capacity iron box size 40 X - B Ac 80 v / 700 ah phone for 45 X - B ac80V / 700 ahb 50 X - Ac80V 15 Se 48 v / 432/700 ahb ahb 18 Se 48 48 v / 480 v / 480 ahb 20 SCe ahb Se 48 v / 720 ahb 20 30 Se Se 48 v / 756 ahb 48 48 v / 219 v / 810 ahbr 10 S ahbr 15, 18 S 48 v / 292 ahbr 20 S 48 v / 365 ah how to properly use forklift battery, prolong the service life of lithium battery forklift. Below I'll and customer talk about how to correctly use of lithium-ion batteries used in forklift truck prolong service life. 1, many customers receive lithium battery forklift is used directly, such operation is wrong. We suggest that received a lithium battery charging again complement, ensure the lithium battery forklift in fully put into use. 2 and the charger and plug on the link, the cathode to the anode, cathode anode. Pay attention to the column links to the right, to meet the lead to cause instantaneous large current, can be damaged by forklift lithium battery and charger. 3, should pay attention to when charging the electrolyte temperature, not more than 55 ° C, if more than to stop charging. 4, after charging, open the liquid level was observed, if the level is reduced, should add distilled water or ionized water. 5, so be careful when handling the lithium battery, avoid battery electrolyte leakage or cause mechanical damage to the lithium battery. 6, put battery forklift correct position, guarantee the safety and reliability of the locking device. 7, in the use of multiple actions simultaneously, we suggest that the two main actions had better not at the same time, such as driving, ascension. When driving and improve at the same time, can't use all the energy of the battery. 8, a forklift lithium battery capacity according to discharge frequency change. In fact the instantaneous discharge, the greater the less battery could release of stored energy.
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