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Don't let a charger battery killer

by:Vglory      2020-11-03
For the charger, the charger is a good and evil people mixed up, less known and inferior brand is the era of flood. Each manufacturer want to grab a piece on the cake, all want to try to reveal themselves in this market, but because there is lacking in the technology capital, did not form a charger batch and has its own core competitiveness. So the quality of the charger is general. Popular on the market is not the battery is bad, but bad filling incisively and vividly the omission of a word of the present condition of the charger exist, so the stand or fall of the charger to a large extent, affect the service life of the battery. Let's be a detailed account: scenario 1: you spent 30 dollars to buy an ordinary charger, could have used a year of electric cars for the sake of charger use for half a year, and then you spend 200 or 300 dollars to replace a battery. So you have paid the cost of 300 = 30. Scenario 2: you spend 30 dollars to buy a good quality charger, electric cars for the sake of the charger is not only in its normal use fixed number of year even prolong its service life and brings about 30 = 300 savings at this time. Therefore, hainan battery net remind the masses of users, the charger is small, but you must choose a big brand good quality charger.
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