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Do you know about electric vehicle daily maintenance small common sense of the lithium battery

by:Vglory      2020-12-07
Electric cars after implementing new national standard, as a new type of energy storage batteries, lithium-ion batteries are gradually replace the traditional lead-acid battery. Compared with lead-acid batteries, lithium batteries with high energy ratio, small volume, light weight, environmental protection, no memory effect, and many other advantages. Along with the prevalence of lithium-ion batteries, the daily maintenance also affects the hearts of consumers. Correct the daily maintenance, maintenance of electric vehicles, can convenient and safe cycling, more can prolong the life of electric vehicles. The photoelectric manufacturer to introduce some daily maintenance of small knowledge 1, electric bike before use should pay attention to check the car condition is good, such as whether the tire pressure is enough, before and after the brake is sensitive, the vehicle has no ring, whether screw loosening, whether the battery. 2, the electric car has just started, should slow speed, avoid instant rush to accelerate the damage of components. In order to prolong the life of the electric car battery, motor, applied in electric vehicle start, climbing pedal power. 3, on the premise of security, should try to reduce the frequent braking, start in electric vehicles, to save electricity. The road when the brakes should loosen the control of motor speed, in order to avoid damage to the motor and other parts. Out of the car were introduced, the electric power supply should be closed to prevent implementation of the rotational speed control using, electric car suddenly start the accident. 4, electric charge should be paid attention to, don't use other brand charger, each brand of charger and battery performance is match, only special electric car chargers, to achieve the best effect of charging. 5, electric car chargers with high voltage line, do not remove. Do not cover any items, charging, the charger should be placed in ventilated place, at the same time pay attention to prevent liquid and metal particles from entering the inside electric car chargers, prevent fall and impact, so as to avoid damage. Six, or electric bicycle is not adapt to the rocky slope is too steep ( Shall generally be & le; 8° ) The road. In case of such roads, should slow driving and pushing the car. Under this kind of pavement, motor, controller, battery and so on the work environment is bad, will reduce the service life and easy to damage. At 7, electric bicycle should avoid frequent braking and starting, braking before or at the same time should be speed turn to return, as far as possible in the area of road support using human riding. In this way, can avoid the large current when starting, the damage to the battery. 8, electric bicycle standard weight is 75 kg, should try to avoid overload. If the overload, human riding, manpower to help move way should be used.
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