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Demand car lithium-ion batteries in the garage

by:Vglory      2020-08-20
Car lithium-ion battery is different from the forklift lithium battery and lithium battery or other industry, it is easy to loss even the car manufacturers don't focus on, but each year the market demand is big, if divided in proportion, car lithium-ion batteries occupied 40%, lithium battery forklift occupy 10%, 50%, other types of industrial, in the aspects, not be seen, according to a detailed understanding of sales practices in the lithium battery is between industrial products and consumer goods, the repeat purchase rate is low, put in the mass media, image advertisements, 'cannon dozen mosquito' ways to manipulate the market, not the right thing to do. Advertising to do really, shells and beat to calling upon the fire, take the spread of the precision type concept, with a very specific niche communication strategy, spend every penny on terminal target consumption group. The spread of all the activities are aimed at the driver and car owners, like precision-guided missiles, have a shot on target, set sales. Suggest using the following strategy spreading brand. The garage mechanic of lithium battery recommendation is very important, so the lithium battery, eventually return to terminal, namely the auto repair shop and fast repair shops, etc. , because they are mainly with the owner. Garage in overcrowded situation, condition of automobile agent is very harsh, product into difficult, so choose a breakthrough, that is about to understand their needs. The garage will typically have three requirements: product + + service. Choose products has three key elements, it is safety, not because of the quality problem of lithium batteries affect its reputation; The second is to make the difference, has a unique selling point, is different; Three is not comparable, only opaque products can sell at high prices. Last is the problem of security, that is, any problems, baotuibaohuan. So, to meet the garage 'service' requirement, can use the 'point-to-point three-step' : the first step, carpet to visit. Salesman, according to the learned situation store customer classification and customer profiles, via text message service, direct mail and other forms. The second step, credit shop goods out of the sample. After the agent success, in talks to all clients, fast loading, adopt the method of 'credit shop goods out' the goods quickly spread to the end. The third step, the brand club. Organize them on a regular basis, using the service strategy, providing humanized service, move the heart of a repairman. Car lithium-ion batteries and battery forklift are lead-acid battery types, for the moment, not to replace the product.
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