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Daqo battery charging method

by:Vglory      2020-09-21
Lead battery charging methods are: constant voltage charge, constant current charging and pulse quick charge 3 kinds. Constant pressure constant voltage charging is to point to in the process of charging battery supply voltage constant charging method. , in the car battery charged by this method. The connection method of constant voltage charge as shown in figure 1-12, charging curve as shown in figure 1 to 13. Constant voltage charging, according to the Ic = ( 运用上) / R shows that with the increase of storage battery electromotive force E, charging current Ic decreased gradually. If the charging voltage adjustment appropriate charging current is zero when charged, the charging is complete. To be constant voltage charging, battery and charging power supply in parallel connection, the number of single battery on every line should be equal, even at the same time to choose the appropriate charging voltage. If the charging voltage is too high, will lead to overcharge, plate bending, active substances, temperature is too high; Charging voltage is too low, will cause the battery can not enough electricity. 5 v. At the beginning of the constant voltage charging, the charging current is larger, 4 ~ 5 h can reach 90% ~ 95% of the rated capacity, therefore charging time is shorter, and there's no need to care and to adjust the charging current, applicable to boost charge. Due to the charging current not adjust, therefore constant voltage charge does not apply to the early charging and charging to sulfide. Constant current charge constant current charging is to point to in the process of charging charging current constant charging methods, widely used in the initial charge, supplement and devulcanization battery, etc. Constant current charging method of connection as shown in figure 1-14, charging curve as shown in figure 1 to 15. Constant current charging, adopted by the rechargeable battery in series connection. 7 ( A) 。 Charging current should choose according to the small capacity battery, after waiting for its plentiful should pick out, in time to continue to large capacity battery. To shorten charging time, charging process is usually divided into two stages, the first stage USES a large charging current, make the capacity of the battery get back quickly. 4 v, began to electrolysis of water to produce bubbles into the second phase, the charging current reduced half, until the peak and the electrolyte density and real time voltage of the battery is no longer rise within 2 ~ 3 h, intense appear when bubbles inside the battery. Pulse fast charging pulse fast charging should be carried out using pulse fast charger, the charging current waveform is shown in figure 1-16. Pulse fast charging process is: first with 80% ~ 100% of the rated capacity of large current to constant current charging, the battery in a short period of time to 50% ~ 60% of the rated capacity. 4 v, began to take a bubble, the charger control circuit of automatic control, start pulse fast charging, the first stop charging 25 ms ( Called before stop filling) And then discharge or reverse charge, make the battery reverse by a large pulse current ( 5 ~ 3 times, pulse width is 150 ~ 1000 mu s) And then stop charging 40 ms ( Called after stop filling) Until this process cycle, adequate electricity. Pulse quick charge has the advantage of charging time can be shorten, New battery should be 5 h, supplementary charge 1 h) ; Defect is for the life of the battery has a certain influence, and the pulse rapid charging machine structure complex, expensive, apply to cell concentration, frequent charging and the requirements of the emergency situation. Strictly abide by the various charging methods of charging specification. Pay attention to during the process of charging for each single cell battery voltage and electrolyte density measurement, timely judge the degree of charging and the technical condition. Pay attention to each single cell battery charging process of temperature rising, in case of high temperature influence the performance of the battery is available when necessary cooling air cooling or water cooling method. Initial charge work should be continuous, not for a long time. Preparation and filling the electrolyte, strictly abide by rules of safe operation of vessels and use. Charge should be ready when the cold water and the mass fraction of 10% soda or the mass fraction of 10% of ammonia, used to deal with a splash of electrolyte. When charging the battery's charging hole cover, make smooth escape, hydrogen, oxygen, so as to avoid an accident. Charging place should be equipped with ventilation equipment, it is forbidden to use fire lighting or heating, etc. Should look after cell battery charging cable to stop charging, charging power supply is cut off should first; Wire connected to reliable, keep a spark.
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