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Battery ship lithium battery monitoring the necessity

by:Vglory      2020-08-20
Electric ship lithium batteries to 2 v, 6 v, 12 series CCS classification society certification lithium battery for electric Marine electric can direct power supply system, the maintenance work to guarantee the safe operation of the energy system is of great significance. Lithium battery real-time monitoring, timely detection failure monomer battery, is the key of the lithium battery maintenance work, and at present most of electric ship lithium batteries using artificial detection, work efficiency is very low. Constructing the pattern of the battery ship lithium batteries online management system, mechanism and characteristic and so on three aspects, aims to ease of use of lithium battery online monitoring functions and precision, and enhances the working efficiency of the battery, reduce operating costs. Nearly half a century, the rapid development of industry an unprecedented demand for energy, and unreasonable exploitation of the non-renewable energy, led to the global energy crisis. In order to alleviate the energy crisis, countries have developed a new type of transport powered by lithium-ion batteries. Lithium battery electric vehicle power system is the core, it is good or not directly affects the performance of vehicle driving ability. Precise to maintain the battery in good working condition, just need to know the real-time lithium batteries work condition, and there is no doubt that as soon as possible to build online transport lithium battery management system is very necessary and urgent. Is a kind of circulating rechargeable batteries, lithium-ion batteries commonly used types with lead acid lithium battery, nickel metal hydride, lithium batteries, lithium ion battery, etc. , other iron nickel and nickel cadmium, lithium batteries, lithium batteries, lithium zinc air battery, lithium aluminum air battery, and many other species. As battery ship power lithium batteries, such as lead acid lithium battery, its performance than general use lithium battery with high specific energy, is greater than power, normal wide working temperature range, can fast charge, long cycle life, low self-discharge. In the field of battery ship, now equipped with seal valve control type lithium and maintenance-free lead-acid battery is fully sealed the leak proof design, solve the problem of the battery water loss, maintenance free operation, and has a large capacity, high energy, low self-discharge, long service life, high efficiency, safe and reliable seal and etc advantages, conform to the requirements of the vans used for the design of the power lithium batteries. Based on the above analysis, in the test process of building a lithium battery online management system, adopted the single section voltage of 12 v, capacity of 20 ah fully sealed maintenance-free valve control type lead acid lithium battery as experimental object, on the whole section 4 series 48 v lithium-ion battery pack to run the simulation analysis, mainly considering low supply voltage facilitates the management of the experimental research design system. Experiments prove that the related theory of the hardware and software design, can be directly to by more batteries in series battery pack. Most of today's most scenic area, the wetland park to visit battery ship configuration is the torch lithium-ion batteries, the torch as a domestic energy power producers, expectations, and develop novel Marine battery, alternative normal 12 v battery, with 2 v battery series, has more large capacity and the battery range higher boat in the river, lake, a battery ship replacement of lithium batteries, the price is very high, it is necessary to establish monitoring data. More lithium battery forklift news: newshow. asp吗? nid=700& lid=83
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