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Battery monitoring system in electric electric vehicle applications

by:Vglory      2020-09-20
Electric motor car depend on battery power, driving fork goods vehicles, electric vehicle battery is especially important in the vehicle, is also the important component of the electric motor car cost, how to monitor the electric vehicle battery data, we need to build an intelligent monitoring system, through the data analysis of the operation of the battery, is through the use of advanced digital program to identify battery monomer battery voltage, the voltage, current, temperature, for the whole process of battery internal resistance connected to the battery resistance, is through the use of the hardware and software algorithm, under the condition of the floating periodically on-line automatic testing and monitoring the battery performance, when outside the range of error, send the alarm. It can be quickly and accurately find the weak battery. Electric motor car use, voltage and density change, its capacity is declining, but the terms of the balance between monomer is consistent, we need to feedback by system data, to improve the problems existing in the accumulator, intelligent battery testing system of high precision, high reliability and good repeatability; Flexible design, can be used single or multiple, monitoring more battery pack; By using the principle of instantaneous large current of load discharge the battery internal resistance measurement and connection resistance measurements ( Online and offline) ; Collect and record the voltage, current and temperature data and monitoring; Automatically detects the battery discharge to the system of real-time data field test; Single section curve of electric vehicle battery voltage, discharge current record and dynamic playback; With early detection of battery failure ability; When setting the threshold value, beyond the scope of alarm and generating reports, timely and effectively pick out the weak battery and potential failure. Battery long-term use of resulting in a decrease of active material, coating aging, charge and discharge when the change of the electrolyte density, as well as the isolator component or its surface chemical composition change, valve control the phenomenon such as battery electrolyte dry makes battery life shortened, its quality is reduced, use with electric motor can perfectly reflect the cycles of electric vehicle battery.
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