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Battery maintenance method of error

by:Vglory      2020-09-22
1. Battery series mixture used in battery, can appear sometimes the phenomenon of the new and old battery in series, little imagine, it will shorten the service life of battery. Because of the large chemical reactions within the new battery material, high voltage, small internal resistance, The 12 v new battery internal resistance is only 0. 015 - 0. 018问) ; And low voltage of the old battery internal resistance is bigger ( The 12 v battery internal resistance of the old in 0. More than 085 q) 。 If will be a mixture of old and new battery series, then under the charging status, the old battery charged at the ends of the voltage will be higher than the new at the ends of the battery charging voltage, the result is a new battery is not yet adequate but old battery is already too high: in the condition of discharge, as a result of the new battery charge capacity than the old battery charge capacity is big, the result is the old battery discharge excessive, and even cause the old battery. So the battery must not be a mixture of old and new. In addition, different charge capacity of battery can not be used in series, because the two different kinds of charge capacity of battery series use, tend to make small charge capacity of battery charging or discharging excessive, shorten its service life. 2. Ignore the dredge vent battery can produce hydrogen and oxygen in the process of charging and discharging, especially when charging, water by electrolysis and produce large amounts of hydrogen and oxygen. Battery charging hole cover is used to send out the gas vent. Usually ignore the vent open, causing the air breather block, when the battery in the chemical reaction heat and gas can't send out, can make the battery internal temperature and pressure rising, eventually lead to the battery explosion. So should be paid attention to in the daily maintenance dredging vent, prevent dirt jam vent. 4. The electrolyte density 'peaceful big not small' electrolyte density, as an important symbol to measure the degree of battery discharge, based on the original electrolyte density has been identified as the premise, adding different density of the electrolyte, the only means to improve the original electrolyte density, even if the measured the electrolyte density is higher also cannot explain the discharge level is low; Improve the density of the electrolyte can increase the voltage of the battery and charge capacity is relative, on the one hand, improve the electrolyte density can improve the electromotive force of battery, the terminal voltage and charge capacity increases, but on the other hand the electrolyte density, electrolyte viscosity increased, internal resistance, reduce its penetration ability, it will make the voltage of the battery and charge capacity declined, and the electrolyte density is too large will cause the plate and a variety of problems, such as plate corrosion, reduce the service life of the battery. 5. Ignore the electrolyte level of inspection shall regularly check the battery electrolyte level. If the quantity is not enough, electrolyte causes the upper plate is exposed to air and sulfide, reduce the charge capacity of battery, shorten its service life. General check once half a month in the winter, the summer high temperature water evaporation, should check once a week. The electrolyte level is generally higher than that of plate 10 mm - fence 15mm。 Floor mark, so the electrolyte level as long as you can within the prescribed scope, even though the use does not need to add distilled water, but also should be combined with automobile maintenance regularly check the electrolyte level, should be adjusted when is not in conformity with the requirements. 6. Electrolyte level 'rather high not low' some drivers for battery charging electrolyte or adding distilled water, the liquid level height is often take 'rather high not low' mistake. Electrolyte fluid level is too high, in the process of vehicle, the electrolyte is easy to corrosion from the vent overflow column, column extremely poor contact or early damage. Accumulate on the electrolyte of battery cover can make positive and negative column connected and constitute a loop, the battery to discharge. At the same time the electrolyte fluid level is too high will cause the battery internal pressure is too large, serious when still can cause the battery explosion. 7. Add distilled water in a storage battery maintenance, when lack of electrolyte, the general should be adding distilled water. But sometimes reduce electrolyte is due to the damaged cracks or charging battery shell button hole cover is lax to the electrolyte leakage. But some drivers often do not pay attention to distinguish when check the liquid level height is due to the battery case damaged or electrolyte leakage caused by the other, or normal wear and tear, as long as the electrolyte level was lower with distilled water, resulting in significantly lower density, electrolyte battery cannot work normally. Also some drivers often add distilled water, after collect the results by adding distilled water cannot be mixed with the original electrolyte battery fully, and thus easy to make the battery produces its own battery plate, discharge or damage to the local freezes in the cold region will cause the battery phenomenon, affect the service life of the battery. On the contrary, if add distilled water to battery, before the car because the car on the road generator to the battery charging, can make the distilled water and in the original battery electrolyte mix, battery performance not be affected. So should add distilled water in front of the car, and after adding distilled water from the shouldn't. 8. Add often meet with the battery electrolyte use after a period of time, save electricity is insufficient, the electrolyte density decreases or the phenomenon of water shortage. Some people don't understand the technical characteristics of the battery, for as long as add electrolyte can restore the ability to work. Little imagine, this will cause the battery electrolyte density increase, this will not only make its internal resistance increases, voltage drops rapidly, but also because of the electrolyte viscosity increases, the penetration ability, reduce the battery charge capacity. In use process, the electrolyte density decreases and not sulfuric acid consumption, but as the discharge, the decrease of the save electricity, sulfuric acid gradually transferred to the plates, and active substances generated lead sulfate, reduce the electrolyte density, the smaller the discharge the electrolyte density. So when the battery electrolyte density decreased, should be promptly to the battery charged to supplement, do not add electrolyte.
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