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Battery forklift service value with forklift battery price ratio

by:Vglory      2020-09-13
Forklift batteries because is the rise of new energy, equipment in the power source of electric forklifts, simply replace expensive, much higher than internal-combustion forklift maintenance, but the cost of using up according to the general calculation, a year in fuel consumption and power consumption, and lithium battery forklift, we how to choose a suitable battery brand and supplier is something worth thinking about. Different other forklift battery accessories, if buy is factory or find a responsible supplier is no problem, on the other hand, many professional enough, not strong sense of responsibility of accessories, ignore problems, caused incalculable loss. Forklift battery with a certain service value in it, many factories procurement for consideration on the price, only think a low price is the purchase must channel, the idea is wrong, the first product in the market circulation of nothing more than three things: quality, price and service. Due to different brand forklift battery comparable in terms of quality is not high, we can from the market reaction, awareness, and the supplier's advice, you can choose to import forklift batteries or domestic brand of the first and second line feasible. But not every production line production of batteries can do the same, no matter what brand are the same, we have seen a lot of popularity higher brand batteries, there are more problems, this time we need to consider the service in this section, because every company or enterprise services are different, such as service values in occupy a higher ratio of forklift battery industry, may choose to buy, can buy cheap products, but can't get good service, once appear quality problem, treatment response speed is too slow or not is also very common, will be brought about by the intermittent chain reaction. Eventually lost or users, many distributors or manufacturers in order to expand the market, do have a certain appeal on the price, but the attention on the product quality also is very important, forklift battery finally in the user's hands, for everyone is unclear situation such as how to use it, cannot measure the battery the end result. So we suggest to buy, must carefully consider whether the supplier's follow-up service, don't appear cheaper to buy expensive use, etc. , there is a certain percentage of the price and service. News from the shenzhen power supply co. , LTD. Refer to the original reprinted:
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