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Battery float charging current and voltage

by:Vglory      2020-08-28
Battery internal analysis the relationship between gas and current voltage floating process product gas inside the battery, the battery internal analysis needs related to the current and voltage. Also obey the Tafel formula, the relation between the floating charge a battery, the relationship between product gas and electric current, voltage, battery open circuit voltage of 2. OSV, electrolyte density 1. 249 / cm3, float charging pressure 2. 25 v/monomer battery. Control valve sealing lithium battery internal separation of oxygen diffusion from the positive to negative, oxygen reduction in the cathode chemical discharge effect ( The depolarization) Anode hydrogen evolution potential and stay close to the open circuit equilibrium electrode potential. Corresponding to point a point, the air current is 3. 6 ma / 100 a. h, cathode current density of hydrogen evolution in floating state is very small, and not by the influence of the negative electrode potential and temperature change. In 2. 25 v/monomer battery float charging voltage, the anode potential about 1. 92 v, oxygen evolution current corresponding point b is about 45 ma/IOoA h. , for oxygen reduction current about 41 ma/IOoA h. , there are about 4 ma / 1 ooa h. current is used to suppress hydrogen separation. Gas evolution current and electrode potential relationships ( In 2. 25 v/monomer floating) For traditional rich fluid cells in the same float charging pressure 2. 25 v/monomer battery case analysis of gas loss, the current total of 14 ma/looA h. , than valve-control sealed battery 45 ma/IOOA h. is much smaller, for batteries rich fluid type hydrogen evolution current is 4 ma/looA h. , oxygen evolution current of 10 ma / 1. 。 A. h. , all these current is used for electrolysis of water loss. Control valve seal battery analysis loop current is used to maintain all required oxygen gas, so there is no water loss. Float charging float charging voltage to the control valve seal battery only the positive polarization, negative depolarization, for normal cell ( Rich liquid type) Float charging pressure for characterization of the sum of the positive polarization and negative. (2) float charging and float charging pressure relationship as a result of valve-control sealed battery in floating, the cathode potential and open close to equilibrium electrode potential. So floating current value is only related to the anode voltage and temperature. Below is float charging flow and the curve of the anode potential, the battery electrolyte density curve is 1. 279 / cubic centimeter, the environment temperature is 20? 22 ℃, when the anode potential 1. 90 v ( The cathode is 0. 35V) The float charging pressure of 2. 25 w monomers corresponding to point a of about 35 n with 10 oa h. , positive electrode potential to ZV ( The float charging pressure of 2. 35V) B, corresponding points float charging current of 400 ma/l00A h. , suggesting that float charging current density increases with the anode potential rise and sharp.
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